Finally after a year my bangs grew out.. To cut, or not to cut.. JustMe Smile Me Keep Smiling Blackandwhite Ifyouonlyknew Whatamithinking Blackandwhite Photography Smirking Happy
"Im not a perfect person, I make a lot of mistakes. But I really appreicate those people who stay with me after knowing who I really am" Findingloveagain Nobody Is Perfect! <3 Ifyouonlyknew Whoknew Dontmakepromises Findingtheoneworthsufferingfor Nothingisevereasy Lifechanges
Thinking about Alyssa ! Hoping she is ok ?? I miss her so much I go to bed crying wishing I could turn back time !! Only regrets get to your head I don't ever regret having my kids they are my world...Ifyouonlyknew
JustMe Grinning Messy Hair Selfie Smile Content Ifyouonlyknew Endless Possibilities
Ifyouonlyknew Behindthoseeyes
It's A Thousand Storys Behind This One Smile :) Ifyouonlyknew
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