Bricks in the Wall 22: Fortified Injustice. The prisons premises were surrounded by an insurmountable wall and a secret perimeter. Don't miss the series: BricksInTheWallBerlin Blue Sky Outdoors The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards Architecture Incarcerated Surveillance Berlin Wall Perspective Abandoned Day No People Communism DDR Captive Hohenschönhausen The Secret Spaces Stasi Prison Low Angle View Wall Watchtower
Jail Incarcerated Scotland Hello World Nofilters
Incarcerated Zoo Fresh On Eyeem  Baboons sleepy time Asleep Monkeys Desert Savana Monkeys Imprisoned Sleepy Sleepy Time Troop
light comes through a hole in the rock Captive Clear Sky Darkness Enter Faith Freedom Hope Light Nature Rock Sky And Clouds Blue Sky Cave Conceptual Darkness And Light Hole Illuminated Incarcerated Light And Shadow Mountain Nature Night Outdoors Shadow Sky Perspectives On Nature See The Light Be. Ready.
Caged Monkey Freedom Liberty Animal Themes Animals In Captivity Cage Caged Close-up Day Domestic Animals Incarcerated Indoors  Mammal Metal Monkey Nature No People One Animal Trapped Zoo
"The inevitable limits of restraint" (2014) Clouds And Sky Dark Clouds Above Dark Art Darkness And Light Dark Sky Chainlink Fence Barbed Wire Rusty Metal Conflict Restraint Oppression Oppressive Incarcerated Massincarceration Prisonersofwar Prisoners Held Captive struggle Questions Of Life Imminent Revolt Revolt
Prison Yard RealLifeHappening Strugglebuildsstrength LifeOfCrime Troubledteens Hardenedheart Demons In My Head Failure Teaches Succes. FromNothingToSomething Become An Inspiration To Someone Motivated HardWorkPaysOff Dedication Provethemwrong Beatthestereotype Evil Eyes Hatemyself Violence And Terror Childhoodruined Incarcerated Institutionalized Prisoner Of Dreams... Segregated Isolated Thehole nightmares
Bricks in the Wall 13: Secret Wish. Prisoners haven't seen this view until 1990. More: BricksInTheWallBerlin Incarcerated Stasi Inhumane Russia Abandoned Berlin Wall Communism East Germany DDR The Secret Spaces Behind Bars Surveillance Floor Pattern Free Space
Prison Built Structure Keelung Gloomy Incarcerated Incarceration Lock Up
Cow looking through stable bars. Agriculture Animal Themes Bars Blackandwhite Confined  Cow Cruelty Dairy Farm Depression Welcome To Black EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm Nature Lover Imprisoned Incarcerated Light And Shadow Limited Livestock Mammal Metal Minimalism No People One Animal Restricted Sadness Solitude
Bricks in the Wall 20: Sunlight. The only possibility to see the sky clearly was this backyard, always under the surveillance of a guard. Don't miss the series: BricksInTheWallBerlin The Secret Spaces DDR Hohenschönhausen Captive Low Angle View Communism Architecture Outdoors Day The Photojournalist - 2017 EyeEm Awards The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards Bars Prison Stasi Incarcerated Captive Hope
Bricks in the Wall 21: Freetime on the Watch. Don't miss the series: BricksInTheWallBerlin No People Outdoors Pattern Textured  Blue Sky Day The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards Incarcerated Architecture Prison Stasi The Secret Spaces Hohenschönhausen Communism Captive DDR Surveillance Abandoned Perspective Berlin Wall Lamp
If these Walls could Talk House of Detention Friends Inside Incarcerated Inmates Prison Break Bordeaux Penitentiary Provincial Montréal Largest in Quebec Fenced In if i could Turn Back Time I Shall Be Released Running Out Of Time A Room With A View
Bricks in the Wall 5: The Day at the Treacherous Sea. Later the Stasi had to keep appearances in the West, presenting the DDR as a modern state and switched to psychological, not physical torture. The prisoners left looking normal on photos at least... More: BricksInTheWallBerlin Prison Captive Incarcerated No People East Germany DDR Hohenschönhausen Urban Geometry The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards Corridor Architecture Built Structure Indoors  Isolated Inhumane Isolation The Secret Spaces Communism Abandoned Depressive MFS Stasi Solemn Perspective
Bricks in the Wall 17: Tell us more. As the Stasi switched from physical to psychological torture, new methods needed to be learned. The school in Potsdam trained wards and interrogators in state of the art interrogation techniques to unlock confessions from the prisoners. Extortion, intimidation, surveillance. As the location in Hohenschönhausen was only a remand prison, confessions were needed at all costs to be able to incarcenate political prisoners further. Don't miss the series: BricksInTheWallBerlin Table Chair Indoors  Minimalism Hohenschönhausen Abandoned The Secret Spaces Berlin Wall Communism Surveillance DDR Russia Perspective Depressive Interrogation Incarcerated
Bricks in the Wall 6: Submarine Cell. No sunlight, a bucket, 4 hours sleep on a 1,50m wooden bed. No blankets and only the clothes you were arrested in. This is how the prisoners had to spend years of their lives in the Submarine. More: BricksInTheWallBerlin Door Built Structure No People Stasi Depressive Abandoned Communism The Secret Spaces Inhumane Isolated The Architect - 2017 EyeEm Awards Architecture Hohenschönhausen DDR East Germany Incarcerated Captive Prison Captivity Wall Berlin Wall Dictatorship Russia
"Jailbreak at the playground" (2014) Abstractions Just For Fun Odd Odd But Beautiful Oddities Chainlink Fence Abstract Art Abstract Photography Abstract Rusty Metal Held Captive Revolt Imminent Revolt Incarcerated Restraint Oppression Embraceurbanlife