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I feel disappointed with myself. Fear Scare Afraid Pluckless No Courage COMFORTZONE Suckme Breathless Moment Breathless. Killmeplease Useless As F*ck Garbage Depressionisgonnakillme Sad & Lonely Sadness And Sorrow Teardrops
Just wanna put tattoo here z😈 Depressionisgonnakillme Hello World Emotions That's Me
Hi! That's Me Rap&hiphop Rap Black & White Depressionisgonnakillme Photo
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I'm home sick and I don't know how to handle it. Depressionisgonnakillme Anxiety  Homesickness
Sticks and stones may break my bones but cutting makes me bleed. The warm red liquid flows down my arm, it's just the relief I need. Silver metal that shines so bright has become my only friend, so I'll tear my flesh apart until the very end. ? People Photography Depressionisgonnakillme
Bad Mood Sunset Depressionisgonnakillme Iwanttobelieve Seascape Travel
Real People Eyemphotography Blackandwhitephotography Black&white Black And White Collection  Blurred Motion Depressed Depression - Sadness EyeEm Team EyeEmNewHere Stoned Stuff Depressionisgonnakillme Long Goodbye Resist Art Is Everywhere TCPM
Close-up Communication Day Depressed Depression - Sadness Depressionisgonnakillme Holding Human Body Part Human Hand Indoors  Men One Person People Razor Razor Blade Real People Self-harm  First Eyeem Photo
Haha, wanna kill me? I have a death wish. Deathmetal Depressed Teen ..  Emo Cuts All She's Thinking Bout Are The Edges Of Those Razerblades.  Razorblade Blood Suicide Knives Depressionisgonnakillme
"Losing you changed me. I've been quiet and quick-tempered. And when I'm shown concern I'm blunt or allusive. I avoid my friends. Drink too much. And I don't recall when I last felt moved by someone. I lost you. That I understood. I just didn't think I'd lose me too." Only Women Adults Only Sky Outdoors Water Day Young Women Young Adult One Young Woman Only Summer Brokenheart Broken Hearted Lost In Time Lost Missing You Missing You Like Crazy Depression - Sadness Depression Depressed Depressionisgonnakillme Depression Is Real Feeling Blue Feeling Alone Empty Heart Empty
Depression Stressed Alone... Silence Depressed Teen ..  Depressionisgonnakillme Anxiety  Anxious  Fake 😤😤😤
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(Not me!!) || wer mich kennenlernt, muss wissen, ich bin unberechenbar. Ich kann von 0 auf 100 aufdrehen und genauso andersrum. Ich bin auch nicht wirklich selbstsicher, hab meine Ängste (zB vor Gruppen, etc) und es kann sein , dass ich unabsichtlich mit deinen Gefühlen spiele.. Beziehungen sind bei mir ein hoffnungsloser Fall. Ich habe keine Kontrolle mehr über sie, in der einen Sekunde liebe ich eine Person, in der anderen hasse ich sie. Aber ich kann auch nicht alleine sein... Ich brauche Auszeiten genauso sehr wie Gesellschaft! Bitte versteh das, Person x, wenn du mich kennenlernst, solltest du das alles über mich wissen. (Der Text war von mir und geht an alle da draußen, die mich noch nicht kennen. Falls es den einen oder anderen interessieren sollte.) Depressionen Germany Depressionisgonnakillme
Human Meets Technology Letyourhairdown Depressionisgonnakillme Sadness Hopeforhumanity Hopes And Dreams Hopeless
Foodporn Seafoodporn FoOdism ! Food Better Than Love Noodling Break My Diet Foodphotography Asian Food Food♡ Depressionisgonnakillme
Depressed Teen ..  Depressionisgonnakillme Suicidal Bloodred
The mind ..if you know what this means. Resonate ?? Conversation Silly Depressionisgonnakillme WeTalk Listening To Music Iknowyouseeme Delusion
Every thought is a battle, every breath is a war, and I don't think I'm winning anymore. People Photography Depressionisgonnakillme Battle Scars Fuck The Haters  I Use Razors.
A flame in the darkness Darkness And Light Depressed Depressionisgonnakillme Fire First Eyeem Photo
Suicidal Depressed Teen ..  Depressionisgonnakillme FUCK YOU GetScared Cuts Bloodred Knives Pain LookUglyButIDontCare Sorry hun. I didn't fall from heaven. I scraped my knees climbing out of hell.
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Ich kann mir euer Gelaber von wegen "alles wird gut" oder "dir wird es in der neuen Schule gut gehen" nicht mehr anhören. Euch ging es sicherlich nie so, wie es mir jetzt geht, also könnt ihr darüber nicht urteilen! "Ein Mensch, der satt ist, wird niemals einen Hungernden verstehen können." Depression Depressionisgonnakillme Germany Ja, das bin ich|| yea, that's me..
Hi! Looking To The Other Side Hello World Taking Photos Depressionisgonnakillme Natural Beauty That's Me People Watching Emotions Broke
Dark Black Color Black Background GrungeStyle Metal Things Face Piercings Body Piercing Black And White Collection  Black And White Photography Punk Heavymetal Singer/Song Writer Close-up Depression Depressionisgonnakillme Depression - Sadness Depression Awareness Depression Kills Mutilation Welcome To Black TCPM
My husband and I in Betterdays Heartbreak 💔 Bittersweet Moments LifeChanging Halloween Infinite Sadness Depressionisgonnakillme sorry for bluriness its a copy Untold Stories Ptsd Relapse And Recovery
last thoughts Check This Out Depressed Depressionisgonnakillme
Emotions Depressionisgonnakillme Hello World Looking To The Other Side Check This Out Soulsearching
Cutie With A Booty Scars Tiredoftrying  Depressionisgonnakillme
God i hate my life? goodmorning tho Depressionisgonnakillme IHateMyLife Killmeplease Goodmorning ♥
I need something funny to make me fall asleep. I have been tired for a while. Just upset now. Reallyyyyy upset. Emotionless LifeLess Battle Scars Depressionisgonnakillme ??
Curch Colors Depressionisgonnakillme ....
Nothing better then chocolate muffins for sadness. Except husband loves. I miss husband loves. Chocolate Muffins Depressionisgonnakillme
How i feel all the time Depressionisgonnakillme
Hudson broke up with me xc Single! ? Single Life  Emotionless LifeLess Battle Scars Depressionisgonnakillme Sceneteen Skulls♥
Depressionisgonnakillme Battle Scars
Original?Givingup Vintage Roses Depressionisgonnakillme - ILoveYou.♡
roses🥀 have thorns Depressionisgonnakillme One Person Red