A Pony standing in a field in Ware.. Pony Field Animal Ware Hertfordshire ican Sonyxperia Xperiaz3
Taking A Walk
Walking through the Priory Church grounds in Ware.. Ware Hertfordshire Autumn Autumncolours Fall Trees Leaves Priorychurch Churchgrounds Path Picturesque Picoftheday Perspective October ican Capture Snapshot Sonyxperia Xperiaz3
Walking along the canal, King's Mead, Ware.. Ware Kingsmead Hertfordshire Canal Water Picoftheday Picturesque Building Riverbank Overcast Walk December Winter ICAN Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Trev and Simon, the two Swans.. Swan Swans Bw Blackandwhite Ware Hertfordshire Nature Birds Picoftheday Picturesque Waterhut Canal Water ican Capture Snapshot Sonyxperia Xperiaz3
A Rose by any other name Rose Petals Rose - Flower England, UK Beauty Leaf No People Close-up Nature Plant Outdoors Day Fragility Beauty In Nature
Eye, lens, black and white, colour splash
Hanging Out
Walking along the canal, in Ware.. Ware Hertfordshire Canal Walk Path Water Trees Leaves Perspective Autumn Winter December
A Swans life.. Swan Boat Riverlee Bird Nature Bw Blackandwhite Ware Hertfordshire Picturesque Picoftheday Canal Water ican Capture Snapshot Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
I said lets meet for lunch.. Swans Ware RiverLea Hertfordshire Canal Water Nature Birds Animals Picoftheday Picturesque ICAN Couple Capture Snapshot Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Where creatures go there will be new life for those who accept it First Eyeem Photo
Sorry, no bread for you guys! Swan Swans Birds Animals Nature Ware RiverLea Canal Hertfordshire Picoftheday Two Couple Pair England Uk Closeup ICAN Sonyxperia Sony XperiaZ3
Walking along Ware high street.. Church Ware PrioryChurch Hertfordshire Street Sky Bluesky Clouds Lookup Vapourtrails Plane Trees Branches December Winter Light Lamp ICAN XperiaZ3 Sonyxperia
Always enjoy my lunchtime walks.. Ware RiverLea Canal Hertfordshire Barges Barge Boats Water Trees Picoftheday Picturesque ICAN Snapshot Capture Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Ladybird on a bridge.. Ladybird Closeup Nature Ware Hertfordshire Foreground November Red ICAN Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Four Swans on the River Lea, Ware.. Swans Ware RiverLea Hertfordshire Birds Animals Nature Wildlife Water Picoftheday ICAN Four Capture Snapshot Sony Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
First Eyeem Photo
Arch Architecture Tunnel Tunnels Passage Passageway Grotto Underground Undergroundtunnel Undergroundpassage Exploring Shadows Dark Darkness Quiet PhonePhotography Me, My Camera And I Mobilephotography No People Manmade Manmadestructures Old Buildings Architecture_collection Indoors  Monument
Under the King's Mead Viaduct, Ware.. Ware Viaduct Art Graffiti Walk Canal Colours Drawing Bridge Concrete December ICAN Sony Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Swan and a Barge on the River Lee.. Swan Barge Riverlee Boat Ware Hertfordshire Canal Water Picturesque Picoftheday ican Snapshot Capture Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Leafy mysteries.. Leaf Autumn Green Yellow Path October nofilter ican Sonyxperia
Hanging Out
Close-up Textured  Arch Archway Tunnel History Geometric Shape Stone Material Weathered Shadow Dark Grunge Manmade Depth Of Field Textures And Surfaces Me, My Camera And I Mobilephotography PhonePhotography Historic Passage Exploring
Chapel #hanbury Manor Chapel Tudor Manor England This Is My England Arch
Fancy skylight in Ware.. Skylight Arcitecture Ware Hertfordshire Sky Bluesky Clouds January Winter ICAN Fancy Stylish Hart Art Building Capture Snapshot Sony Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Canal side cabins along the River Lee, in Ware.. Bw Blackandwhite Riverlee Ware Canal WaterWatersidecabins Cabins WaterHuts Trees Hertfordshire Picturesque Picoftheday Snapshot Capture ican Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Hanging Out
Graffiti and concrete pillars of the A10.. Ware Graffiti Concrete Pillars Kingsmead Viaduct A10 Hertfordshire ICAN Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Bright green leaves.. Leaves Greenleaves Path Autumn Autumncolours Bright Lime ICAN Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Walked up the other end of the canal in Ware.. Swans Ware RiverLea Canal Barges Barge Boats Hertfordshire Water Nature Animals Birds November Autumn Picoftheday Picturesque ICAN Capture Snapshot Sonyxperia XperiaZ3
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
Hanging Out
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Hide And Seek
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Hanging Out
Hanging Out