5 years ago, I resigned from Telus. Now, I'm still in Paragon ICC. ProudtobeParagonICC Paragonfraud ILoveMyJob Goodvibes
2 years ago, this was the competition we had for the Fraud department. Snakes and ladders. I forgot who the winners were, I could only remember Tynes winning the Adidas headset. Fraudpeeps Paragonfraud ParagonICC ProudtobeParagonICC ilovemyjob hardtowin hatethemsnakes
Green girls. @jhoanimari and kathy. ? ParagonICC Paragonfraud Pamperday VanityFair fraudladies
Payslip. Self-explanatory. 100happydays Vs100HappyDays ILoveMyJob Paragonfraud ParagonICC
Job. Tiring yet fruitful. Payday, happiness. 100happydays Vs100HappyDays ParagonICC Paragonfraud
Ying.ying. Lotsa food, lotsa laughs. You couldn't ask for more. Paragonfraud Chinesecuisine Fraud Fraudpeeps siomaifave
Wearing our Fraud jackets... Mineko Paragonfraud Stuckathome walangmagawa
On this same day, 2 years ago, the newbies I was training gave me this. ? ? Paragonfraud ParagonICC Trainingdays Magnum sweettooth icecream QAduties perksofbeingatrainer
Vanity fair. Had our nails done for free. Thank you @paragonicc!!! 100happydays Vs100HappyDays Paragonfraud ProudtobeParagonICC
Order. Much needed makeover of my station. ? Yay, happy QAs! 100happydays Vs100HappyDays Paragonfraud ParagonICC