5 years ago, I resigned from Telus. Now, I'm still in Paragon ICC. ProudtobeParagonICC Paragonfraud ILoveMyJob Goodvibes
2 years ago, this was the competition we had for the Fraud department. Snakes and ladders. I forgot who the winners were, I could only remember Tynes winning the Adidas headset. Fraudpeeps Paragonfraud ParagonICC ProudtobeParagonICC ilovemyjob hardtowin hatethemsnakes
5 yeard ago, I started working for ParagonICC . Glad to say that I'm sill part of the company. ? ProudtobeParagonICC
Vanity fair. Had our nails done for free. Thank you @paragonicc!!! 100happydays Vs100HappyDays Paragonfraud ProudtobeParagonICC