Always look on the bright side. Starbucksindonesia Sbucks Chocolate Coffee picoftheday vscocolours vscocam tagforlikes
God will Provide. The result of weekend appointment was made me glad. Pray for @sharonweddingproject next project! Sbucks SharonWeddingProject Anotherproject Praying mycupofhope MY28thGRATITUDE weekendmeeting grateful thankful weddingorganizer weddingjakarta
Waiting 💤💤💤 Sbucks IGDaily
Awesome Present!!! Starbucks Sbucks Starbucksislife Bday presents
A cup of hot chocolate + a slice of brownies made my day... Sbucks Brownies Chocolate Hotchoco vscocam
Morning Meeting Sbucks Starbucksindonesia Whitebucks Chocolate darkchoco nosugar snapstory vscocam
Matcha Greentea Sbucks Greenteablend TagForLikes starbucks vscocam latepost vsco blackandwhite lomocamera mirrorless prosumer
Waiting for meeting this afternoon... Starbucksindonesia Sbucks Bni46
My Hazelnut Machiato Yayhazelnut @starbucksindonesia Sbucks Coffee TagForLikes vscocam vsco dailyshots snapshot
Got this @starbucks Planner as my Belated Birthday Gift from dear friend and craziest work partner @siskawarouw ... Thank you so much! NB: She is the icon of this coffe. LOL 😊 Sbucks Planner Note Vscocam photography snapstory thankyou gift present sbucks
This chocolate always be my best friend in every meeting ? Sbucks Chocolate
Another meeting on the go... Latepost Sbucks Starbucksindonesia Starbucks @starbucks picdaily snapstory eventorganizer weddingorganizer instagood
Coffee time... Starbucks Sbucks Latepost
Office today. Another things to do. What a busy day!! Snapseed Sbucks Starbucks Meeting sharonweddingproject picstagram