Not a Batman related post but it is something else I enjoy watching and stuffs. Doctor Who! And the first image of Mr Peter Capaldi in his outfit came out today :) I just done my usual colour edit haha but actually quite like this simple edit. As for Capaldi as the new Doctor, well I'm undecided, can only see how his first season goes but he looks good Doctorwho Whovian Petercapaldi Outfit Instasize Picedit Blackandwhite BBC Tvshow Scottish PictureEdit
Only Men Adult One Man Only One Person Looking At Camera Men Doctorwho Doctor Who Petercapaldi People Portrait Indoors  Adults Only
LOVE the new doctor! Doctorwho Petercapaldi 12thdoctor Deepbreath seris8 season1
23 more days!!! Doctorwho Petercapaldi TheDoctor Tardis trezalore timelord series8 12thdoctor claraoswald strax vastrajenny bbc
The 12th doctor ! Petercapaldi Doctorwho The12thdoctor 12thdoctor
:( Doctorwho Theeleventhdoctor Mattsmith  Petercapaldi bbc sad
Im gettin pretty juiced for August! Doctorwho TheDoctor Series8 Petercapaldi mattsmith davidtennant tardis 12thdoctor
Thezygoninvasion Doctorwho Drwho Petercapaldi Jennacoleman Zygons TerrorOfTheZygons Character Tardis ForbiddenPlanet Robot Giantrobot
Emergerd you guise I'm flipping out ???? Doctorwho Petercapaldi Excited Hurryup
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