和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture)

夜食テロ 飯テロ Ready To Eat Fried Rice with Fukahire sauce on top Gyoza ( fried pork dumplings ) Sara Udon by Ringer Hat 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) IPod Touch Photography 33mm Soulfood Serving Size Mix Culture パリパリ皿うどん
Mybestphoto2015 On The Street Corner Danjiri Hikimawashi, Uonomachi( 魚の町 ) 32.748314, 129.879899, October 8 2015. In Nagasaki Japanese Festival Nagasaki Kunchi Festival October2015 Ordinary People People Are People Real People Turn Left 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 和/ GX1+KitLens 28mm Just One Shot
Nagasaki Style Koinobori : Snapseed Editing  Clouds And Sky : A main flagpole uses a ceder tree. The side arm( bamboo ) is hung and a carp streamer is tied to the arm. This is Nagasaki Style carp streamer. / Panasonic LUMIX FZ18 35mm Walking Around Tateyama, Nagasaki City. 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Looking To The Other Side Tokyo / Yokohama Eyes
Silence Pilgrims Prayer : Chinese Shrine Mazu ( Goddess ) Altar Tengodo, Kannai machi Nagasaki-shi Real People Life Is Technicolor People And Places Indoors  Night Photography Lunar New Year Chinese New Year January 2017 / LEICA Q Typ116 50mm F/1.7 ( inside camera digital crop ) 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Snapshots Of Life just one shot Walking Around The City  長崎市 館内町 天后堂
Say Cheese! NiwaMise ♯4 Enokizumachi, Hamanomachi Arcade Nagasaki City. On The Street Corner Oct 3 Autumn 2015 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Snapshots Of Life Night Lights 50mm
Art is long, life short II : 72 wise man sculptures with Ordinary man. right-side the Great Hall of Confucian temples Nagasaki(長崎孔子廟). Panasonic LUMIX GX1 35mm KitLens set Photos(iMac) edit de Good evening. 16:9 Crop LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 Nagasaki JAPAN Night Photography Night View One Shot Story Project. Perspectives Real People Sculpture Streetphoto_color Today Was A Good Day 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture)
Showwindow Iwanaga Baijyu-Ken : Food Photography Wagashi Japanese Confectionery Discover Your City Nagasaki City / LUMIX G VARIO 35mm F1filter 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture)
ちゃんぽん 食べたかと 夜食テロ Ringer Hat : Cold soup Pasta ( hiyashi Champon ) Nagasaki Citizens Soul Food Foodporn IPod Touch Photography The Foodie - 2015 EyeEm Awards 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Mealtime
Un Cartain regart : Nishifurukawa machi, Nagasaki City. Niwa-mise ♯3-1 傘鉾( Kasaboko ) 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Night Photography Sumo October Festive Season
Nasagaki Style Hinamatsuri Dessert : "Momo Castella sponge Cake ( 桃カステラ )" Show Windows 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture)
Photography In Motion Dancing : Girls power Jyaodori(龍踊り) Dragon Dance Matsugae International Terminal, Nagasaki City. Departure Times Celemony LEICA V-LUX1 90~100mm? No tripod handheld de Good Night Around The Kyushu Chinese Culture Dancing Around The World Mix Culture 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Walking Around Nagasaki-shi Nagasaki JAPAN
2 Dragons get down from Stairs : Nagasaki Kunchi Festival 2009 Serise 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Variable Angle
August2015 Sprit Boat Procession / Shoro Nagashi(精霊流し). Every August 15 In Nagasaki. Sofukuji dori Street (崇福寺通り) Panasonic GX1+Kitlens 28mm Bon Festival Handheld Street Photo A Lowlightphotography My Country In A Photo Night Photography On The Road On The Street Corner Road Marking Walking Around The City  和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 精霊流し 街角
Nagasaki Kunchi Festival Shimbashimachi "Nagasaki burabura bushi" Nagasaki Kenban Geisha team Street Performance Chuo Koen park Color Portrait 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Japanese Festival The Places I've Been Today de End Of The Day .. see you tomorrow / LEICA V-LUX1 300mm Capture The Moment
Nagasaki Sweets Heaven : Sakura 2017 Confectionery Shooken. Sakura Castella Sponge Cake Japanese Sweets Information Board Walking Around The City  Nagasaki-shi カステラ 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture)
Walking Around The City  Nagasaki/ Dragon Suwanomachi team. Night Photography Streetphoto_color Japan Scenery 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Nagasaki Kunchi Festival Yesterday 19:57
Nagasaki Kunchi Festival 1st program/ Shimbashimachi : Suwa Shinto Shrine TV Screenshot 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) IPod Touch Photography Capture The Moment
Lantern Objects Chuo-bashi, Nagasaki City : Nightphotography Night Lights Streetphoto_color On The Bridge / LUMIX G VARIO 35mm. Good evening 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) NAGASAKI LANTERN FESTIVAL
華南文廟様式 ( tradition as the Huanan style Architect ) Confucius Shrine, Nagasaki. Ouramachi, Nagasaki City. 19th February 2016 Low Angle Shot Photos(iMac) edit de Good Saturday evening. 50mm F/2.0 Architecture Architecturelovers Chinese Architecture Confucian Shrine, Nagasaki(長崎孔子廟) Evening Glow Evening Lights Chinese Culture Nagasaki JAPAN No People Symetry なんちゃってSUMMICRON 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Mix Culture
和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Sprit Boat Procession / Shoro nagashi / August 15, Every year Bon Festival Discover Kyushu, Japan On The Street Street Photography Black And White Noir People Are People My Country In A Photo
Early Summer Nagasaki Kunchi Festival Japanese Festival 2016 kokkodesho People Photography Test Shot Black And White Lowlight Photography Against The Light Snapshots Of Life 50mm F/1.4 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) july 5, 2016 1st shot
Sanbaso (三番叟) Costume Autumn Colors NiwaMise ♯3-2 Nishifurukawa machi Nagasaki Kunchi Festival 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 50mm 1.4
Nagasaki kunchi festival : 諏訪入り( Goes to Suwa shinto shrine ) Streetphoto_color Peoples 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Oct 7, 2010
Niwa mise No.4 Streetphoto_color 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 華 (Chinese) Oct 3 2008 DMC-LC5
Niwa mise 2014 : Goto machi, Nagasaki City 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 華 ( Chinese ) Dragon Variable Angle 長崎市五嶋町
NiwaMise ♯1 Shimbashimachi, Ryotei ichiriki In The Room LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 28mm No Finder 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture)
Practice of October festival 2008 ( Nagasaki kunchi festival ) : Dagon Dance, Hamano machi Arcade Nightphotography people 今年は五嶋町が龍踊りの踊り町です。 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) popular photo
おまけ Maria Callas Madama Butterfly "Un bel di vedremo" Giacomo Puccini 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture)
Niwa mise No.5 : 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 蘭 ( Europe : Netherlands [holanda] and Portugal ) Oct 3 2010 Walking Around Nagasaki City Autumn Colors
Nagasaki kunchi ( October festival of Nagasaki Style ) Niwa mise Oct 3 2009. Nightphotography Streetphoto_color EyeEm_crew Good evening 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 和(Japanese)
Emperor and Empress : Diptic Streetphoto_color Walking Around NAGASAKI LANTERN FESTIVAL / LUMIX GX1 ZUIKO Digital ED Lens + Snapseed Editing  Fresh3 effect plus 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Asian Culture
Niwa mise 2014 : Manzai machi Autumn Colors Lighting 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 和( Japanese )
Breaktime! : Nagasaki traditional Dessert Patisserie 桃カステラ( momo Castella ) Show Window Dessert Porn Food Porn Japanese Sweets. 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 🇯🇵 + 🇨🇳 + 🇵🇹 Mix Culture Walking Around The City  Nagasaki-shi
Send-off-spirit ceremony August 15 2018 : Kenchozaka, Nagasaki rambling with a LEICA Q. Capture the moment fly up soap bubble 長崎市江戸町 精霊流し LEICAQ 35mm No filter No Flash Handheld 16:9 crop Late Summer Nagasaki Scapes Fly Up LEICA Q Typ116 35mm No Filter Tatami Shot August 2018 Against The Light Love Lights 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) 精霊流し ( Send-off-spirit Ceremony ) Soap Bubbles Snapshot Night Photography Street Photography Exceptional Photographs Manual Mode Photography Illuminated Celebration City Crowd Men Large Group Of People Real People Leisure Activity Outdoors Event
半分青い ( Hanbunn aoi / Half blue ) : Nagasaki Style "Koinobori" LEICA Q 28mm Manual F/2.0 No filter handheld 5, May 2018. Music inspired "Idea" Gen Hoshino >> de Today is another day 半分、青い。 Nagasaki Today Lookingup こどもの日 Today's Weather Report 鯉のぼり 和華蘭(Nagasaki Culture) Flying Koinobori Tree Sky Plant Nature No People Multi Colored Celebration Hanging Animal Representation Art And Craft Event Streamer