Comfy Yosi Samra - inspired Ballerina Foldup Flats. Free your footsies from ouchies and let these comfy shoesies take you to amazing places. Comes in an eco pouch so you could take them anytime, anywhere. Made to order. Lead time 2-1/2 weeks. No rush orders. For those who are willing to wait. Marikina made. Proudly Pinoy. Eco-friendly pouch. For orders/inquiries, SMS/Viber 0933 349 3383. @bella_manila @bella_manila @bella_manila @bella_manila SFS No minimum. Helping a sister/brother out. WeChat: msbellelopez Bella_manilaph Yosisamrainspired Comfiestfoldupflatsever Shoeselfieph lookingforph sfsph