TBT  to Sunday at Ultra2014 @ASOT ASOT650US when @arminvanbuurenofficial was on the decks as Gaia enjoying with new friend @LulisAwesome ASOT657
"Gaia" aka @arminvanbuurenofficial on the decks at ASOT650US ULTREA2014 wow what a dirty, dirty set of stupendous Trance !
Up close zoom in to Dj @arminvanbuurenofficial as Gaia during Ultra2014 ASOT650US not quite JesusPose-ing. Photo taken with @samsungcanada GalaxyCamera. (21x optical zoom FTW!)
TBT  to when I saw this guy, @paulvandyk, at ASOT650US Ultra2014 Miami because he's in Toronto tomorrow night at @the_guvernment! Could be his last set ever at Guv!!!
I've heard of a HairTattoo but an ASOT650US CHEST HAIR Tattoo ??? Ultra2014 ASOT dedication!