Dear Sweet LG Cosmos Phone of mine ... we sure have been thru a lot. Remember the time you fell behind the bar and landed in a bucket of beer ... or the time I may have accidentally on purpose dunked you in the dog pool .. you've been thrown out of windows, stepped on multiple times, have listened to me complain about you for years ... yet still you remained loyal and continued to provide me with minimal data capabilities. I'm sorry but today we must part. See ... there's this pretty little Samsung Galaxy S5 that's kinda stolen my heart. She's really smart and ... I don't feel the need to have to hide her from my friends. We've had quite the run but it's time you let me go so I can join the rest of 2014. Thank you for being my sidekick all these years! Now go make some new friends ... I hear Zack Morris' s phone is looking for a buddy ;) Lgcosmos Samsunggalaxy Smartphoneupgrade Zackmorrisphone phonebreakup biggirlphone ifeelkindabad awwtheendofanera
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