At central park supporting team @spideyonbway with my little one. You gusys did a great job!! Broadwayshowleague Broadway Spidermanturnoffthedark CentralPark nyc softball
Thanks to talented @jeremymjordan for taking some time after the ballgame for my little one who loves smash and also newsies! Broadwayshowleague CentralPark Broadway Newsies smash
My little one is serious watching the game, Spidey on Broadway vs. Wicked at Central Park. Go Spidey! Broadwayshowleague Spideyonbway Spidermanturnoffthedark Broadway centralpark nyc
94F at Central Park cheering team @spideyonbway Broadwayshowleague CentralPark Summer NYC
My 5 yr old took this pic at Central Park :) Broadwayshowleague NYC @spideyonbway @craighenningsen
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