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Nandiji Shivshambhoo Mahadev Shiva Templesofpune holyplace spiritualsaturdays pune pashan
The speciality of this temple is that right from the entrance you can see temple of hanumanji, nandiji and the shivalya. Architect has very beautifully utilized the gradient difference of the place. Mahadev Shivshambhoo Shiva Spiritualsaturdays pune pashan templesofpune holyplace
Om namah shivay|| Mahadev Shivshambhoo Spiritualsaturdays Templesofpune pune pashan holyplace banjrangbali
Blue Textured  Love Shiva Shivshambhoo Krishna Onesoul Lord Krishna  LordShiva Acrylic Painting Acrylic Canvas Acryliconcanvasart Multi Colored Sprituality Imagination Symbol Exhibition Rooms Devotion Creativity ArtWork Lord Front View Vibrant Color
Imagination Abstract Multi Colored Acrylic Inner Reflection Exhibition Rooms ArtWork Textured  Canvas Creativity Acrylic Painting Front View Sprituality Inner Strength shiva Lord Shiva Shivshambhoo Omkara OM vibrant color Acryliconcanvasart Devotion Define Beauty
Ganpati temple within someshwar temple campus. Holyplace Shivshambhoo Shiva Pune pashan spiritualsaturdays templesofpune
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