Latergram last friday., just when I thought the day couldn't get any worse with finance quiz and forgetting my lunch, a kind soul offered me a daffodil at subway :) thanks for making my day! :) Unsw Unswkindness Makestheworldabetterplace daffodilday happygirl94
Not the best cheesecake in the world or anything good, but I'm glad I tried my best although I should have followed recipe a bit more closely. But yay I finally did something i want after such a long time :D Here's my low fat cheesecake. Teehee. Lowfat Cheesecake Makestheworldabetterplace Foodporn thingsilivefor midsems justtrying dayum itwillgetbetter thingsthatmakemehappy happygirl94 P. S. I miss baking with you guys. @kennardchua @jjiaying_ @kohkocrunch
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