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Me and my Rowing BFF in the therapeutic double, with an eight- man going by. Teenagers like to take pictures on an angle, what can I say? ????? Rowing Love To Row Tadaa Community The Purist (no Edit, No Filter)
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WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!! I would like to thank my rowing BFF, Mrs. Mills for pushing me beyond my comfort zone (okay way beyond my comfort zone) as always. Tonight, we rowed to Cornwall landing, about 9000 m round-trip or 5.6 miles -- in the therapeutic double. It was a very strong current on the way out and very deceptive, we thought we would have the current with us on the way back. In fact, we were in a weird channel and we rowed against the current both ways. It was rough and whitecappy out there; the water was coming right over our crew shell and coach Fernandez was having us do hard 20s to get us out of the scary areas. We discussed our flipping strategy ("OK, at least one of us has to not hit their head against the boat and remain conscious") and for a good portion of the trip we were convinced that we were going in the Hudson. We rowed our little hearts out and really --!what better adventure could two 50-year-old moms ask for on a Tuesday evening? Thanks also to coach Fernandez for getting us through it! ??? Rowing Love To Row Tadaa Community