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Very dirty girl but a happy girl nonetheless! Two days of skidpad and A-group track time makes the M3 happy! Thank you @bmwmotorsport @bmwusa for making the UltimateDrivingMachine , and thank you @ncc_bmw_cca @bmwcca for the best group of track happy friends, ever! In Mpower we trust!
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Such a beautiful clean i8 Bmw Bimmer I8 UltimateDrivingMachine Mpower Bimmerfest Bmwi8 Phillyautoshow2016
Ooh, @bmwusa @bmwmotorsports ... You sure know how to make a lady want to add more horses to the stable Bmw Mpower M6 UltimateDrivingMachine MostPowerfulLetterInTheWorld
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