3-dimensional model with 1:5 ratio of seating employed. Actual human presence value = zero. Data-visualisation Psychogeography
Model showing inter-relationship between negative and positive spacial forms. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Partially utilised cosmic gateway n.b. adjacent exhaust hatch. Scale = 1:17.4 Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Corner of graph: x axis = cleaning speed, y = direction of travel. broom allstars trainers pumps wall concrete Data-visualisation Psychogeography
Supernormal Clouds And Sky line blue horizontal Music score: for 2 players, no instruments, to be performed on the ground, lying down, looking up. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Surface analysis using double-blind randomisation for experimental graphing. Viscosity consistent with previous samples. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Cosmic light aberration plotted at 48NW79SW - 0357 hrs BST. Peaking at scale 8.7 fractal interference also sensed. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Score for ancient sacred incidental music. Aeolian modal melody within key of A. Site-specific immersive sonic environment. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Light map (not to scale) with varied textural topography. Facing North. Oblique elevation plan. Data-visualisation Psychogeography
Controlled experiment: artificially engineered immersive environments. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Suspected ex-military sonic transportation facility number 4. Cited with ancient city boundary. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Intermediary/transitional (liminal) space between inner and outer, known and unknown, real and imagined, when x = x. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Scatter graph with median and positive correlation: coca cola on skateboard ramp Data-visualisation Psychogeography
Communal, real-time Venn diagram: hot drink preference x thirst level. On graph paper. Data-visualisation Psychogeography
Light Up Your Life silhouette vertical Diagram to show relationship between source of illumination and degree of visibility. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
Projection of man-made climate change depicted as glacial sub-aquatic eruption. Data-visualisation Psychogeography
Action: demonstrate link between weight, distance and scale. Data-visualisation Psychogeography
Supernormal flag beach colour stripes stars Let orange = temperature, let blue = happiness. Psychogeography Data-visualisation
RePicture Wealth violin repeat pattern lines music Bar chart showing stasis against sound Psychogeography Data-visualisation
end of photo grid