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A mountaineer gearing up for an acclimatisation climb on the slopes of Mt Elbrus from the south side. And on the plus side an awesome view for me after transversing the mountain the day before, which for me was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. Traveltheworld Neverstopexploring  Mountains Awesomeview Caucasus Elbrus Ilovemountains Russia Travelling
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After a tiring transverse of Mt Elbrus from the north side to the south, it is always nice to have a transport down from base camp to the cable car. Traveltheworld Adventure Mountaineering Russia Caucasus Elbrus SevenSummits Neverstopexploring  Ilovemountains Landscapephotography
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Sherpas are the backbone of the mountaineering tourism in Nepal. Without them most of us can only dream of attempting a summit in one of the many mountains in the Himalayas. I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with many of them through my adventures in Nepal, either in the Khumbu region or the Annapurna region. Photo taken during my trek to Everest Base Camp back in 2012. Traveltheworld Adventure Neverstopexploring  GlobalTraveller Mountaineering Trekking Nepal Everestbasecamp Ilovemountains Check out my page if you like what you see and follow me on my adventures past and present around the world 😊😊😊
Panoramic view of the Himalayan Mountain Range. Go to my profile to see the full panorama in 3 separate images side by side. Panaroma Traveltheworld Adventure Ilovemountains
These amazing view was taking during my trek around the Annapurna circuit enroute to Thorong-La pass. I've really missed the natural landscape of the Himalayas. Traveltheworld Adventure Neverstopexploring  Trekking Nepal AnnapurnaCircuitTrek Annapurna Ilovemountains
A beautiful scenery while trekking to Everest Base Camp. Part of the Khumbu glacier can be seen plus a beautiful back drop of a mountain. But i think its beside Lhotse. Give me a shout out if you know the name of the mountain? 😊 Would love to be back here again. (Update: The mountain is Nuptse 7861m) Traveltheworld Adventure Trekking Highaltitude Nepal Khumbu Himalaya Everestbasecamp Sagarmatha Ilovemountains Mountains Glacier Outside_project
Per avui n'hi ha prou,cap a casa. Estimolamontanya Ilovemountains Montanya Gallecs paretsdelvalles