Promise Ring From  My Highschoolsweetheart Fiveyears Going Strong
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I love you. MyGIRL Lesbian Lesbiancouple Baw Frenchlesbian Fiveyears MyLove❤ Together Forever Lesbienne
This man treats me like a princess. Fiveyears Tooklongenough Excited
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Love my bestfriend Bestfriends Loveher Twentyfirst So Much Fun Amazing Night We Are  Cool Yolo Swaggie Sexy Faces Gay Straight Bff Fiveyears Strong @dlmltron
Un po' in ritardo...ops 😂😘😜 30secondstomars Anniversario ThisIsWar Albumdelcuore Iamtheechelon Echelon Fiveyears
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Gerçek dostlardan.. Bro Me Fiveyears
@mamtu_bhatia you r d person who have Faith✨ in me when I don't have in myself! U STAND 💫 for me in my good and bad times 👼! It's been Fiveyears to our Friendship👍 . So Cheers 🍷 to that !! Nobody can ever ever ever replace u nor can someone can understand me the way do my Beshtwalifriend 😘😘