Best TGI Fence Post Friday

For some time I have contemplated creating a "Best" TGI Fence Post Friday recognition. Today's VERY humorous post by @Zhyk. was the impetus for me to follow through on that idea. So while there is a fair amount of Friday left in much of the world I suspect all would agree that it would be a challenge to top this one. Also, please stop by Scott's gallery to see his many great pics. Congrats Scott and thanks for agreeing to be the first ever addition to the Best TGI Fence Post Friday album In addition, I want to thank each of you contributors to the TGI Fence Post Friday album for tagging all your great pics with our fun little album name. ✨ Humor
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Another TGI Fence Post Friday has turn into Saturday and with that I want to congratulate Wine Country Liz as the Best TGI Fence Post Friday this week ... If you don't follow Liz I suggest you check out her GREAT gallery.
This week's Best TGI Fence Post Friday pic is from ?Damien? who has been a long time contributor to TGI Fence Post Friday ... This pic is great ... But the huge smile, crazy antics and just all around good person who is great to follow as well as to have following you
A repost of Best TGI Fence Post Friday ... I really wanted to have the original photographer have credit for the photo as opposed to have people think it was my shot if the did not happen to read the caption ... I plan on this being the format for future Best TGI Fence Post Friday pics
It is now after midnight here in tge Eastern Time zone ... I guess that makes it Saturday and with that another TGI Fence Post Friday comes to a close ... which also means its time for Best TGI Fence Post Friday which this week goes to the talented @Simondenegri who seems to be always posting the greatest pics ... and as always ... if you are not already following him check out his great gallery ... and even if you do follow I am sure he would enjoy the visit