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my rescue kitty ( Lestat ). my husband toke me to the animal shelter as a surprise, because i dropped so many hints that it was plan as day that i wanted a cat. right when i walked in i heard this tiny kitten, black as night crying and sticking her little paws threw the cage trying to get my attention..they told me her story. she was found by her self in a seasonal park in the dead of winter (-30Β° ) and was to young to be away from her mom. and was told she was a he lol got a surprise he was pregnant 😊. she became a real hunter. this girl really has done more for me then i could do for her! πŸ’™πŸ’™ and a huge loving thank you to my husband chad Stencel if i wasn't for you i would have never got my babieπŸ’ž Check This Out Michigan EyeEm EyeEm Nature Lover My View Black Cat Outdoor Photography EyeEm Outdoors My Love Pet Portrait Love Animal Rescue Hunter Chipmunk Outdoors Nature_collection Eyeem Photography EyeEm Cats Naturally Became A Hunter Blessed  Adopt A Pet Save A Life No Kill Animal Shelter Need Support My 😊 Dog Shadow Field Green Color Feline Whisker Domestic Cat