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A devotee being guided by his son to the Ram kund, Nashik, Maharashtra, where he would take a dip and wash away all his sins. Streetphotography Street Blackandwhitephotography Blackandwhite Life Instadaily Maharashtra_ig Pune People Photowalk Canon HIPAcontest Kumbhmela Kumbh Mahakumbh Faith Sacred Nashikdiaries Nashik Maharashtra Instagood Puneclickarts Framing Blackandwhite Indiaphotosociety indian betterphotography godavari walkoffaith2015 mobilephotography documentaryphotography indiaphotosociety
Kumbhmela snan, holy bath : people busy taking deep in holy waters of Godavari river, on the day first of Nashik Kumbhmela 2015. Mahakumbh Nashik Maharashtra Kumbh India Pravinaswale People Holy Bath Bathibg People Holy Deep
A sadho putting "tilaka" on his forehead after taking a bath in the holy Godavari river during Kumbha Mela, Nashik 2015. It is believed that taking a dip in the Godavari river during this time washes away all your sins. I am wondering why a sadho who has given up everything for a spiritual life needs to take a dip. Streetphotography Travellerslife Travellers Black White Street Streetphotography Blackandwhite Blackandwhitephotography Photooftheday Photographyfortravellers Sacredheart Faith Maharashtra_ig Maharashtra Mahakumbh Mahakumbhmela Kumbhmela Kumbh Nashik Nashikdiaries Nashikgram Godavari GodIsGood God indian indianphotosociety better betterphotography godavari walkoffaith2015 walkoffaith
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Shades Of Grey Mahakumbh Panchavati Ma Ganaga Gomukh
On the banks of Ganga. Mahakumbh Takepride India Roadtrip travel journey experience awesome religion love
Sinhasth2016 Ujjain Mahakumbh First Eyeem Photo
Bye Bye Allahbad..! Devotees & pilgrims returning to their Homes after the end of Mahakumbh Mela. Allahabad Mahakumbhmela Mahakumbh Kumbhmela Sangam Allahabad Pilgrims Pilgrim Incredibleindia Incredible India Indiamore Taking Photos Helloworld Check This Out Colors Crowd Photoforsale Phptography Hanging Out
Mahakumbh Kumbmela2015 RamKund Nasik Sony XperiaZ3 Instapic Instadaily Dreadlocks Baba Aghori
RamKund Nashik Mahakumbh Calm Serene
My Best Photo 2015 Mahakumbhmela Mahakumbh2015 Mahakumbh RamKund Panchavati Nashik Maharashtra Godavari Ramghat People Gathering Social Gathering Spirituality Spiritualplace Hinduism Spiritual Place Once In A Lifetime Experience
Kumbhmela 2015 , Nashik, India Pravinaswale ASIA Nashik Maharashtra Ramkunda Kumbhmela Kumbh Mahakumbh
Aghori Mahakumbh Mela Twenty15 RamKund Nasik Sony Instadaily Instapic Dreadsporn
Mahakumbh Mela 2015  Angry Aghori With Dreadlocks Chilling In Peace Sony XperiaZ3 Instapic Instadaily
Family Pilgrimage Nashik Mahakumbh
Mahakumbh Kumbhmela
Nashik Mahakumbh
Ahhh the Kumbhmela . This picture speaks for itself. can't wait for the Ujjain chapter. see you there. Coloursofindia Incredibleindia Incredible_india India Magdalena Tourists Mahakumbh Kumbh Beard Longbeard Beardpull Pullungbeard Sadhu Strangesadhu Pretty Fresh Beautiful Beautifulpeople Beautifulwomen Chile Chileangirl Chileanbeauty
A Temple & its Reflection @Godaghat on the banks of Holy_godavari_river was multiplying the Beauty of the surroundings. Kumbh Godavari River Mahakumbhmela Mahakumbh KumbhMela2015 Panchvati Nashik Maharashtra India Ig_maharashtra Maharashtra_ig
Kumbhmela Mahakumbh
Kumbhmela Mahakumbh
A View of the Mahakumbh Mela held in 4 different states in India Consecutively With 4 Years of Gap Between Each.Its a Celebration for the Victory of Good over evil. Panorama Teal Orange Color Contrast EyeEm Best Shots EyeEmNewHere EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Masterclass Window Adventures In The City Focus On The Story Mahakumbh Festival Celebration Happiness Water City Illuminated Cityscape Panoramic Reflection Sky Architecture Boat