Live every day as if it were your last because in reality it just might be. Love with passion....Laugh with no regret..... Riograndevalley Southtexas Resistolhats GoodTimes texas ariatclothing texassky
Here's a Selfie that my beautiful wife @zenii took and edited for me one day in Zapataranch Munozranch back in the summer. Hope y'all are having a wonderful Thursday. Resistolhats stetsonshirts burberry sunglasses mesquitetrees
Always time for a little IG in between....Iphone4 Resistolhats Barbedwire Selfportrait zapataranch munozranch southtexas instagramtexas igtexas riograndevalleyigers
My Hats off to each and every one of you..Wishing you a Happy Friday. Cowboyhats Cinchhats Resistolhats polyhats felthats texaspride riograndevalleyigers
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