High angle part 2 Photography Highangle Architecture Fun Sky 30daysofsharing
Day 6 low angle Low 30daysofsharing Photography Dog Animals
Day 3: black and white Portrait TheWeekOnEyeEM Challenge 30daysofsharing Photography Blackandwhite
Day 1: self portrait of photo challenge! Challenge Selfportrait Selfie Photography 30daysofsharing TheWeekOnEyeEM
Day 2: Rule of thirds Challenge Photography TheWeekOnEyeEM 30daysofsharing Ruleofthirds Dogs Animals Pets
Day 4: texture Texture Makeup 30daysofsharing Challenge Sparkle
Day 7 silhouette Photography 30daysofsharing Portrait Silhouette
Another texture because why not! Makeup Sparkle Challenge Texture 30daysofsharing Photography Glitter
30daysofsharing Pray Do_good Be_good perfecttryNever
So im going to do this ! Its a challenge to do because you have to take a photo every day :) ! Ill start this tomorrow. Challenge Photography Photographer Fun 30daysofsharing
end of photo grid