I exist in two places... Here and where you are... TreePorn Abandoned Places Dirtroads Withyoualways Love Eye4photography  Missing You Twin Flames Neverdoubt Stronger Than Ever
Happy festivities to all! 🤗 Christmas Around The World Churchporn Decoration Neverdoubt no matter what Someone Always Watches Over You Therethere EyeEm Best Edits OpenEdit Nevermind it is a Festive Season
Visions of the idyllic. Rural Scenes Every Picture Tells A Story Strength Training Alwaysonmymind Eye4photography  831 Tu Me Manque Nevergivingup Neverdoubt Always EyeEm Nature Lover Missing You Ibelieveinyou You Are Adored Stay Strong All_shots Small Town USA Hdr_Collection Twin Flames
Monuments we leave to those who have meant so much. All_shots Withyoualways Neverfaraway Missing You Madlydeeplytruly Neverdoubt Alwaysonmymind 831!!! 831 Forever Always
One of a kind... Eye4photography  TreePorn Nevergivingup Onmymind 831!!! 831 Missing You EyeEm Gallery Neverdoubt Water_collection Neverfaraway
Well hello, you! Lovely to see you!!😀 Sunrise Forever Neverdoubt Alwaysonmymind Twins Eye4photography  Love Always Missing You Neverfaraway
Sometimes the most important thing we can do it hold onto what we believe, even if it seems that we are the only one doing it. You Got This Macro Steadyasshegoes Insects  Alwaysonmymind DreamScapes Ibelieveinyou Dream Work Is Team Work Eye4photography  You're Not Alone Withyoualways Holding Onto You Hope Love Every Picture Tells A Story Twin Flames You're My Spirit Animal Neverfaraway Strength Training See You When I Sleep Neverdoubt Soulmate Keep Your Head Up No Matter What ❤ Nevergivingup 831!!! 831
He felt warm and familiar. He felt solid and safe. I wanted to cling to his shirt, bury my face in the curve of his neck. And never let go.... Abandoned Buildings Barns Barnporn Withyoualways Onmymind Neverfaraway Twin Flames Missing You 831!!! 831 Neverdoubt
With me here, right now☺️✨! Forest Tu Me Manque I Miss You The Longest Vigil In For The Long Haul Ibelieveinyou Twin Flames Endurance You Are Adored Determined Little Signs Eye4photography  831!!! 831 Every Picture Tells A Story See You When I Sleep You're Not Alone Violet Flames Alwaysonmymind Neverdoubt Connection Trees Dream Work Is Team Work Tied Together Your The Reason I Smile Strength Training
I find myself looking up a lot, and watching the sky these days as if I'm searching for a sign, or for something I misplaced. If I search hard enough I'm sure I will find where it floated off to. This sense of loss creates an ache I can't describe, but I trust that one day it will resolve and that I will recover what I lost...🌌💫✨🔒✨ Alwaysonmymind 831!!! 831 Missing You Neverdoubt Ibelieveinyou Withyoualways TreePorn Twinflame EyeEm Nature Lover Madlydeeplytruly
He never left and never said goodbye, and he did not let go. He went to right wrongs, to fulfil obligations & promises made long ago so that in time all that can be sweetest in life will still be sweet, so that perfect timing will not be wasted on imperfect actions. Sunrise Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Neverfaraway Twinflame Missing You Neverdoubt Love Always Forever EyeEm Nature Lover
If she could capture it in a photo then it wasn't a dream. Eye4photography  Every Picture Tells A Story Sunset_collection Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld All_shots Ibelieveinyou Neverdoubt Tu Me Manques 831 Twin Flames
Time to kill in smokeville. Neverfaraway All_shots Hanging Out Missing You Eye4photography  Always Forever Love Neverdoubt Iphoneonly
It may seem like you are alone in your waste places, but I am right there, always!! Neverdoubt Withyoualways Madlydeeplytruly EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4photography  Alwaysonmymind Nevergivingup Neverfaraway Missing You 831!!! 831
We see this world not as it is, but as we are; what we see is a reflection of ourselves. Neverdoubt Withyoualways Madlydeeplytruly EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4photography  831!!! 831 Alwaysonmymind Missing You Ibelieveinyou Twinflame
Through the underlying sense of urgency it is often difficult for him to remember that it's really not. Difficult, yes. Painful, yes. Urgent, no. There is all the time in the world, and it was always going to be a couple of years. Maybe the reality of the duration never registered. Maybe he forgets that time and space are only an illusion. Buying into the illusion is what creates the feeling of urgency....must. Be. Still... Textures And Surfaces Cemetery Headstone Alwaysonmymind Withyoualways Nevergivingup Love 831!!! 831 Neverdoubt Missing You
Meet me here!!! EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Neverfaraway Endless Love Love 831!!! 831 Onmymind Neverdoubt Water_collection Twin Flames
Locked up for safekeeping! ✨ Locks Nevergivingup Neverfaraway Urbanphotography Neverdoubt Alwaysonmymind Madlydeeplytruly 831!!! 831 Withyoualways I Adore You
Becoming centered again. No Filter All_shots Neverfaraway Love Always Forever Loveyouforever Neverdoubt Alwaysonmymind Smoke
Maybe I'm just in love when you wake me up. Rural Scenes Eye4photography  Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld 831!!! 831 Tu Me Manque Sunrise Neverdoubt Strength Training Every Picture Tells A Story Alwaysonmymind
A mentor once told me that an artist doesn't wait to be in the mood or to feel creative; an artist just works. Work until you feel it. Talent is 90%perspiration and 10%inspiration. Be the mood; be the master of your craft. Become so good at what you do that you can be in your creative zone in a matter of minutes. Create and meet your deadlines, and become so good at what you do that even the work done at your least creative times stands head and shoulders above the rest. Struggle, work, create, become! Ibelieveinyou Blackandwhite Missing You Justwork Alwaysonmymind Photography Streetphotography Forever Neverdoubt Neverfaraway
The strength to endure when conditions are harsh. Eye4photography  In For The Long Haul You're Not Alone Violet Flames See You When I Sleep Every Picture Tells A Story Strength Training 831!!! 831 Alwaysonmymind Neverdoubt Dream Work Is Team Work Tied Together Your The Reason I Smile Truth My Daisy Girl Connection Little Signs Determined Endurance You Are Adored Twin Flames Ibelieveinyou Open To Receive! Determination I Miss You
I can see it off in the distance. Rural Scenes Country Road Hanging Out Neverdoubt Neverfaraway Forever Iphoneonly All_shots Twins Love
Keep smiling, lovely one! Tomorrow will bring new and great things. Flowerporn Flowers EyeEm Nature Lover MYheart Neverdoubt Alwaysonmymind Always Forever Love Neverfaraway
Safe, secure, and same as ever. Withyoualways Neverdoubt Missing You Alwaysonmymind 831!!! 831 Madlydeeplytruly Locks Neverfaraway Nevergivingup Forever
She is air to me after diving deep; she is sunlight after a dark night. Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Sunrise_Collection Patienceisavirtue Withyoualways Neverfaraway Neverdoubt EyeEm Nature Lover Ibelieveinyou Share Your Epiphany 831!!! 831
Such a calm, secure feeling deep in the soul. Built to last!! Eye4photography  Rustygoodness Solid Neverdoubt Withyoualways 831!!! 831 Madlydeeplytruly Alwaysonmymind Neverfaraway Twin Flames
The world is cruel to little things... Eye4photography  Abandoned Places EyeEm 831!!! 831 Madlydeeplytruly Onmymind Missing You Love EyeEm Gallery Neverdoubt
Greeted by magpies this morning, and old songs playing in my head. I won't let go at any price. Neverfaraway Magpie Love Always Forever Neverdoubt MYheart EyeEm Nature Lover Alwaysonmymind My Soul
Without her my life would be empty and drab. Blackandwhite Rural Scenes Neverdoubt EyeEm Nature Lover You Are Adored Withyoualways Missing You 831!!! 831 Alwaysonmymind Minimalism
Reaching for the sky and having faith, and doing pretty dang good!😊❤️ Eye4photography  Flowers Missing You Alwaysonmymind All_shots Neverfaraway Neverdoubt Love Forever Always
Comfort find me tonight .... Giving it to God!!! The Rush Of Us Onmymind 831!!! 831 EyeEm Gallery Autumn Colors Nevergivingup Neverdoubt Changing Seasons Love Missing You
He loves her with an intensity unmatched by the fire of the sun. Sunset_collection Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Madlydeeplytruly EyeEm Nature Lover Endless Love Twinflame Ibelieveinyou Neverdoubt Missing You 831!!! 831
Door Taking Photos EyeEm Best Shots Freedom Neverdoubt
2 horses, a sunset, and some wide open spaces - let's go!!🐎 Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld EyeEm Nature Lover Alwaysonmymind All_shots Madlydeeplytruly Twinflame 831!!! 831 Neverdoubt Missing You Withyoualways
Rainy day well kept. Locks Raindrops Soulmate Nevergivingup All_shots Alwaysonmymind Madlydeeplytruly Neverdoubt Missing You Ibelieveinyou
Signs everywhere! Subtle changes - things are shifting. Neverdoubt EyeEm Nature Lover Iloveyourface Ibelieveinyou Neverfaraway Withyoualways Missing You Eye4photography  Alwaysonmymind Twinflame
He is the most beautiful thing I have ever discovered.... EyeEm Gallery Water_collection Eye4photography  831!!! 831 Love Twin Flames Endless Love Neverdoubt Withyoualways Missing You
Wishing I could be unbound enough to get word. So many things to hear, so many things to say. Petrified you had gone away... Flowers Always Flowerporn Missing You Forever Love All_shots Neverfaraway Alwaysonmymind Neverdoubt
The concept of Affirmative Consent: includes explaining that someone who is drunk or asleep cannot grant consent. Rural Scenes All_shots Madlydeeplytruly Always Alwaysonmymind Every Picture Tells A Story 831 Eye4photography  You Are Adored Neverdoubt
Perhaps his therapy is finally working... Every Picture Tells A Story Rural Scenes Keep Your Head Up No Matter What ❤ You Got This Nevergivingup Neverdoubt 831!!! 831 Bonded Tu Me Manque You're My Spirit Animal Twin Flames Ibelieveinyou Strength Training Trust Alwaysonmymind You're Not Alone Open To Receive! Dream Work Is Team Work Withyoualways Stay Strong In For The Long Haul Soulmate Eye4photography  Neverfaraway Love
Fate whispers to the warrior, "you cannot withstand the storm." And the warrior whispers back, "I am the storm." Every Picture Tells A Story Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld Sunset Silhouettes Trees Alwaysonmymind Neverdoubt Tu Me Manque 831!!! 831 Eye4photography  Missing You
And when you open it and walk through, then you go where it goes, and you trust that it will lead you home in the end. 30daysprior EyeEm Nature Lover Cemetery Cemetery_shots Madlydeeplytruly Neverfaraway Neverdoubt Always Love Alwaysonmymind
Such a lovely girl in her natural environment, poised, confident, beautiful! Love All_shots Always Neverfaraway Neverdoubt EyeEm Nature Lover Forever Alwaysonmymind Soulmate Missing You
A poem for a rainy fall: Grey Day. Every Picture Tells A Story Alwaysonmymind Tu Me Manque Eye4photography  EyeEm Nature Lover 831 Always Missing You Neverdoubt Rural Scenes
Sometimes the angry drāgon in the sky needs to vent - there are times when the lonely wrath cannot be contained any longer. But the dragon also has a heart. Rural Scenes Clouds And Sky Every Picture Tells A Story Withyoualways You're Not Alone Dream Work Is Team Work DreamScapes Alwaysonmymind Stay Strong Awakening Be Kind To Yourself Neverfaraway Strength Training See You When I Sleep Nevergivingup Ibelieveinyou Soulmate Tu Me Manque You Got This Landscape 831!!! 831 Neverdoubt Twin Flames Holding Onto You Missing You
Love is a journey that knows no bounds. She doesn't play by the rules and she certainly doesn't submit to Father Time. - Becca Allen All_shots Locks Missing You Neverdoubt Neverfaraway Ibelieveinyou Streetphotography Alwaysonmymind Love Forever
Reach out and grab ya! Neverfaraway EyeEm EyeEm Gallery Love Flower Collection Onmymind Madlydeeplytruly Neverdoubt Missing You 831!!! 831
And another old barn in the area. Tag, you're it - go get it! ✨ Barnstalker Black And White Eye4photography  Madlydeeplytruly Phototag_it Twinflame Ibelieveinyou 831!!! 831 Alwaysonmymind Neverdoubt
"We all must be scientists at heart or be victims of forces that we don't understand." - Lawrence Gonzales You Got This Ibelieveinyou Hope Love Skateordie Snapseed Hdr_Collection Awakening Nevergivingup Keep Your Head Up No Matter What ❤ Missing You Stay Strong Tu Me Manque Neverdoubt 831!!! 831 Strength Training Twin Flames Action Shot  Hard Work Pays Off Dream Work Is Team Work Every Picture Tells A Story Withyoualways Eye4photography  Popular Photos Alwaysonmymind