Well. I will not say that our kitties fled Ireland in disgrace due to Mel stealing I meant borrowing Miss O'Hara's Caddy, but I do say that Catplomatic Immunity is a good thing to have when you are the Fur Queen of Denmark. The embarrassed HRH simply hissed in high dudgeon that they were on an urgent diplomatic mission while visiting the Emerald Isle and that all the kitties were her "Honor Guard" - with a straight face!!! So. Now they are on the parade ground at their barracks in Denmark, being drilled within an inch of their lives while Her Majesty reviews the Royal Guardskits at leisure. Never hiss-off a lady wearing the Crown Jewels! The off-duty kitties are enjoying the spectacle, while Princess Svea has a ride! Kitty World Tour Cat Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community
Good Morning EyeEm's! We've got Mama's gold card and we are on our way to the airport. KISS kitties, be sure to make your reservations! Meet us at the assigned spot! Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Black And White Kitty World Tour
Got my eyes on you, friends. Be sure to have a lovely Sunday. Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cat Cute Pets
I tell you, that Highway Patrol officer is fibbing. I did not scratch him, no I did not. And I was not driving under the influence of catnip. Well. How was I to know it was a catnip mousie & not a plain one?!? Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cat Tadaa
BomBi hadn't trashed or used the closet's top shelf in 3-4 weeks, so Betty put everything back up there. Not 3 hours later, I look up & over to see him cogitating on how to pull everything down off of "his perch" - which he then reclaimed by knocking all the stuff to the floor. All but the 2 baby blankets he likes to lay upon. Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cat Touch Of Color
Just hilarious, Mama! Cat Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Black And White
What's the question...mark? Cat Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Cute Pets
That milk will not drink itself, Mama. I better help. Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cat Tadaa Kitties
Not that I can't put my foot in my mouth too, but wouldn't it be great to be as dexterous as he? I hope you're all having a serene Sunday. It appears that my kitty nurse has fallen down on his job, but that's okay. HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST PAW Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Cat
Kitty World Tour Sorry the kitties weren't around to help you move, friends. They all followed me to the mall, insisting on picking out a brand-new iPhone 5s. They chose the white with the silver back after arguing about it amongst themselves for three hours... By the way they said it would be a little bit early birthday present, so they used your credit cards…. I hope you don't mind Jill, but Hatter bought me a nice OtterBox case. Pink. Cat Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi
What are you doing awake at 3:22am? Joints all hurty? I give you kisses, now sleep Mama! Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Cat Cute Pets
Auntie Noe! We've been having the best time driving around the lovely Irish countryside, Mel having "borrowed" this swell Shamrock Caddy from Maureen O'Hara's garage in Glengarriff. Juppy & I tried to reason with him, but Pebbles & Pippi really egged him on something fierce. We hope we can hide out I mean stay with you for awhile, since there are some constables looking to put us in the hoosegow. L-Moe is simply shocked but says it's the most fun she's had in awhile. Sorry that he drove up your castle steps, we wish he'd let someone else drive! Kitty World Tour Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cat
Hello Aunties & Uncles. I have quite a few kitty kisses and furry squeezes saved up, so I better begin giving them out. Only if you would like one, though. I'm a gentleman. ???????????????????????????? Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Pocket Family Cat
Happy birthday to me. The kitties showed up and took me to lunch at the Three Amigos! They ordered three of everything on the menu and used your credit cards, so I hope you don't mind the bill. The sopapillas were particularly nice and the kitties enjoyed the cream very much. Tadaa Community Tadaa Kitties Kitty World Tour Mel&BomBi
Good morning everyone. Cute Pets Cat Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi
I was only 6 months old here, and now I am all grown up. Mama says I retain my youthful ways... Surely she didn't say I was kittenish... Cat Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Cute Pets
Good morning, EyeEm!! Reedit with Eva filter. Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cat I Love My Cat
What are you doing EyeEm's? I am helping Mama wash her face & brush her teeth. I don't understand the teethies scrubbing at all, however. Honestly, it just looks sick! I hope you don't do this awful thing to yourselves, Aunties & Unc's! Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cat Cute Pets
Good morning EyeEms, the Bellingham Squirrel & Bird Watchers Society is on the job, bringing you accurate counts of the aforementioned critters. All present & accounted for this Thurs morn. 1, 2, 3, 4.... 12, 12ty3, ... Mel&BomBi Cat Tadaa Community Tadaa Kitties
Tadaa Tadaa Community Halmeowni Mel&BomBi
Good Morning friends & KISS members. Mama not feel good but will have smiles for you soon, very soon. The kitty world tour lives! Mel&BomBi Cat Tadaa Community Black And White
Hello all, it's BomBi ?? Tadaa Tadaa Community Halmeowni Mel&BomBi
I have taken up selfie painting. This is me combing my hair. Mama holds the comb and I walk back & forth under it. Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cat Tadaa Kitties
A very MERRY UNBIRTHDAY to @Emmaismyname !!! We must keep track of our Tadaa birthdays, Auntie Birthday Girl! We didn't forget it yesterday, but put off posting in all the hubbub. We find it is fitting that the first EyeEm Tadaa expat birthday pic should be for you. 100 Kitty kisses! ??????????????????????????? ... That MUST be 100, Auntie. ??? Tadaabirthday Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Halmeowni
Hello Mama, what you doing awake so early? Cute Pets Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Cat
Oh Mama, let me show you how to do a proper kitty selfie. Goodnight EyeEm's ??????? Good Night Tadaa Community Cat Mel&BomBi
It's MEEEE, BomBiiiii !!! I'm helping Mama find our friends here, and hoping to make new ones! Bringing the love train... Now, where's our Auntie Emmajane? Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Halmeowni Tadaa
Hello, I am BomBi. First Eyeem Photo Tadaa Community Tadaa Mel&BomBi
What are you doing BomBi? Ewww! Mama come quick, BomBi is eating little bugs again! (I'm too grown up to do that, Aunties & Uncles...) Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Cat Cute Pets
Dancing in the dark redux Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Halmeowni Tadaa
We're here, Aunties Noe & Aidee! If we could just get Mel off the pony, and that half doggie to quit fussing our L-Moe, we'd be there with lots of kitty kissings for you! Mel said he knew where to go... Ahem... but ponies do not come with goople maps apps! Oh my stars, the kittens are so tired & hungry, us big kitties too ... do you have shrimp & octopus cupcakes? Kitty World Tour Tadaa Kitties Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi
For our friends in Japan. The kitties are glued to the TV whenever Sana appears to dispense justice in heaven's name! Tenchu means "Heaven's punishment" or "heaven's wrath" Tadaa Community Kitty World Tour Mel&BomBi Cat
Good Morning, EyeEm. ?? Mel&BomBi Cat Cute Pets Tadaa Community
WHAAAT? We missed A birthday?!? Happy Un-Birthday to you, @canalyuyu !! We hope it was a good one???☺️ Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Tadaa Kitties Cat
I can't even go to the dentist without a pack of kitties following me! This time they even dragged Marco along, not that he wasn't happy to go joyriding with that darn Mel. And ONE of you has reported him to Interpol, so Inspector Lupin is on the case - something about international kitty-napping. What next I ask. Tadaa Community Kitty World Tour Cat Mel&BomBi
Hello. I am Mel. Tadaa Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Halmeowni
No no no I am not stuck, special Ninja training, EyeEm's. Top secret KISS mission coming up... I will say no more. Wild horses could not drag it out of me, Mama. Tadaa Kitties Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Cute Pets
I got in so much trouble at tadaa, that Mama was kicked out so here we are. Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Tadaa Halmeowni
Have a magnificent Mel Monday, friends. Kitty kisses ?? Cat Mel&BomBi Tadaa Community Cute Pets
Drove all night through the crying rain to get here, belting out anguish along with Judy Garland & Dinah Washington on the car stereo, brought friends. @hawkeyedoyle @Hankanon @moopaint @FidleDD Tadaa Community Mel&BomBi Tadaa Cat