"you got me chains you got me in chains for your love but i wouldn't change no, i wouldn't change this love" i can't stop listening this song! is so so so good! I had miss hearing his voice and see him so excited as he is right now with new song release! i can't even remember the last time i saw him so happy with something like he is right now... i had miss seeing that! i'm so happy for him! it is an honor for me to witness his success! see him so excited makes me so excited too. if he is happy, i'm happy with it! congratulations Nick! i love your song, and i can't wait to see the music video too! you are my greatest pride! you always were! love you @nickjonas <3 Chains Chainsmusicvideo Newsong Song nickjonas lovethissong lovehim proud excited hisvoice missthat alwaysyou perfect