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Happy New Year ! Mutlu Yıllar ! С Новым Годом ! З Новим Роком ! Happy New Year Metalheads 2015  Lostpray
"Proud of Myself" How often can an artist say that their design is on a bands t-shirt?...On the other side of the planet, no less! This is what you see. What you don't see is the countless amount of hours, effort, and struggles I've been through just to get here. Art is all I do. When I've forgotten who I am, I know I'm an artist. It's the ONLY thing I know I am...and always will be. This is truly my proudest moment. Portrait Self Portrait Black And White Pride Proud Of Myself Proud Of My Work Artist Band Photography Tshirt Designer Designer  Design Designing Lostpray Happy
Go heavy or go home.. ESPguitars Especlipse Heavymetal Lostpray Studio
That's Me Metal Rock Concert Lostpray
Yeah \m/ That's Me Heavy Metal Lostpray Concert Silhouette Blackandwhite
LostPray Shkaff Concert 23.11.14 Lostpray Concert шкаф Heavymetal Night
That's Me Check This Out украина одесса Atmospheric Metal Concert Performance Vocalist Lostpray
That's me rockin' шкаф Guitarist Musician Lostpray
I am so very Proud to say that one of MY DESIGNS is on a shirt for the awesome band LostPray! I am very grateful to Burak. Thank you so very much!! Lostpray Creative Power Check This Out I'm Happy Digital Art Darkart I'm Proud I Feel Good Life Is Good Grateful
Yeah! This is what we do.. Lostpray Metal Band