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I miss you daddy... youre a wonderful dad...always... a moment with the grandpa...she say take me a pic mama... Taking Photos Thatsmylife
Tonight 09/11/2560 Night City Street Light Road Back Home Car Thailand Thatsmylife Outdoors No People Bkk Thailand
Los dolores purifican el alma... tengo mi alma nublada porque siento que me retuerso de tanto dolor... damn i feel like i need morphine ... need rest and another body... my soul is black because the pain is purifies the soul but i feel too much pain in my body... i need something to loose pain, no gain...damn... is not me when i feel like this... Amanecida Puerto Rico Thatsmylife
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to enjoy the day 😊 Check This Out That's Me Selfie ✌ Motheranddaughter MyLove❀ Sweetdaughter Cheese! Relaxing Enjoying Life Relaxing Thatsmylife First Eyeem Photo Girls Hanging Out Happy
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"A genius rules chaos" Wisequotes True Words Sentence Randomshot BORED! Thatsmylife Remember This Falling Down Rightmoment German
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