The difference between 11B and Pink IC. SO HUGE. 11b Ord PinkIC
Have been waiting for this for super duper long! Single digit days to Ord ! PinkIC
Oh yeah look at this! Finally got back my pink IC woohoo! These 2 years has been fulfilling for me. From meeting the most awesome BMT mates and then getting posted to 4SAB for the remaining journey of my NS life. Attended 2 courses, 3 COCs and 1 overseas exercise kind of wrap up what I did in these 1 year 8 months. Made a lot of awesome friends and I must say my NS journey is fun! A new life begins from today! Ord PinkIC
In just 5 (4 working) days, something PINK in colour is coming back to moi! I have been waiting for you for 730 days! Ord PinkIC
Seeing the 3 letters on top makes me feel so damn happy! Otw to camp to collect my PinkIC ! Ord LO!