3 days later... Could spring really be on its way? Melting Snow Ice Ice Age Global Warming Winter Thawing Out Shapes And Forms Floortrait Nature On My Doorstep White Album WhiteCollection Beauty In Nature Canada Coast To Coast | Close-up No People Nature Plant Leaf Fragility Indoors  Day Welcome To Black ミーノー!! The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards Perspectives On Nature Shades Of Winter
Some of you might remember my car was vandalized in November. Sorted all those repairs and was quite happy it wasn't worse. Now... if it isn't one thing it's another. My brother was borrowing my car recently while he visited & was in an accident (he was not hurt). After 2 weeks of patiently waiting, my insurance company confirmed my car was totalled ... RIP to my little sky blue hatchback. Bad Luck ShitHappens Drive Safely | Flower Nature Plant Blue Beauty In Nature Leaf Multi Colored Growth Cereal Plant Agriculture No People Flower Head Close-up Day Art Is Everywhere Neon Life
The days start with hints of sun but have been ending in rain... Sunday_flip Puddleography Puddle Reflections Water Reflections Window Window Reflections My Cloud Obsession☁️ Cloudscape Appreciate The Little Things In Life Find Beauty Anywhere You Can Photography Is My Escape From Reality! Mobile_photographer Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobile Phone Photography Nature On Your Doorstep In My Garden A Day In The Life | Water Day Sea Sand Beach Nature Close-up | The Week On EyeEm Perspectives On Nature
"1/2" shadow in 1/4 cup of cream... Sunday_flip | Indoors  High Angle View No People Food And Drink Healthy Eating Day Food Close-up |
Will not fray... Fabric Ruler Textile Swatch Material School Supplies Art Supplies Grid Pattern Zigzag Work Surface Textured  Textures And Surfaces Shapes Shapes And Forms | EyeEm Selects No People Day Water Outdoors Nature Close-up |
If An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away what could Blueberries keep at bay? Everyone Else ? ... Food Mobile_photographer Samsung Galaxy S7 Photography Is My Escape From Reality! Telling Stories Differently Don't Mind Me Appreciate The Little Things In Life Find Beauty Anywhere You Can | EyeEm Selects Human Hand Human Body Part One Person Holding People Adult Outdoors Only Women One Woman Only Nature Close-up Freshness | The Week On EyeEm Crafted Beauty Food Stories
FYI : They don't grow like this... Pinecone Star Mobile Photography Samsung Galaxy S7 Getting In The Christmas Spirit | Blue Blue Background Colored Background Studio Shot Christmas Christmas Decoration Shiny No People Christmas Ornament Tree Day Shades Of Winter
Strung together... Dew Drops On Spider Web Dew Drops Water Droplets Gouttelettes Macro Macroclique Beauty In Ordinary Things Appreciate The Little Things In Life Photography Is My Escape From Reality! Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobile Photography | Spider Web Spider Web Focus On Foreground Trapped Intricacy Close-up Fragility Outdoors Nature Day No People Complexity Freshness | The Week On EyeEm
2 of 1000s of Canada Geese on theirMigratory Route ... Oiseaux Canards Oies Sauvages Eye4photography  Photography Is My Escape From Reality! Mobile Photography Samsung Galaxy S7 | Flying Air Vehicle Blue Airplane Airshow Sky Helicopter Low Angle View Clear Sky Outdoors Bird No People Fighter Plane Nature Day Bird Of Prey | Shades Of Winter
Seeking Council... Looking At Things Differently Abstract Thoughts Looks Like... Groups &/or Meeting Place where everyone (larger Drops) Surround or Line Up around one individual (smaller Droplet) Listen To What I Say Stand Out From The Crowd Don't Mind Me Telling Stories Differently Photography Is My Escape From Reality! Water Globe Rain Drops On Leaves Macroclique Macro Mobile_photographer Samsung Galaxy S7 | Jewelry Indoors  Close-up Luxury | The Week On EyeEm Perspectives On Nature
Snow blanket... Fall Leaves Covered In Snow Winter Landscape Snow Winter Neige Hiver Seasonal Changes Nature On Your Doorstep Samsung Galaxy S7 | EyeEm Vision suggested tags : Bird Large Group Of Animals Animal Wildlife Animal Flying Flock Of Birds Animals In The Wild Outdoors Colony Day No People Nature Mammal Sky | Shades Of Winter
Plume... Dramatic Edit Feather  Monochromatic Low Key Lighting Dark Photography Samsung Galaxy S7 Macro Macro_collection In My Mind's Eye Creative Flair | Abstract Black Background Close-up No People Backgrounds Indoors  Fanned Out | EyeEm Ready
He has finally buzzed off... Cool Weather means no more Al Fresco Coffee Time with Wasp! Found On The Roll Insects Of The World Insect Paparazzi | EyeEm Selects Insect Animal Themes Animals In The Wild No People Animal Wildlife One Animal Day Close-up Indoors  Nature |
Meh... Samsung Galaxy S7 | EyeEm Selects Close-up No People Full Frame Backgrounds Day Outdoors | The Week On EyeEm Perspectives On Nature EyeEm Ready
"Water water everywhere but ne'er a drop of Quik" (apparently this was a line from an old commercial, according to my parents, from their childhood. I've heard them "sing" this jingle my whole life) ... Droplets Of Water Rain Drops Pooling Water After The Rain Not Raining Tho Wet Surface Abstract Nature Is Art Shades Of Grey Monochromatic Mobile Photography Samsung Galaxy S7 Macro Macroclique | No People Full Frame Close-up Day Indoors  Nature | Black And White Friday
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