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If flowers can talk they be whispering " hello "... come and smell me.. :)♡ Smell The Roses Beautiful Day Marcoclique Pink Flower Marco_collection EyeEm Flower Flower Photography My Personel Rosegarden Flowerlovers Flowers,Plants & Garden
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Never forget to stop and smell the roses/flowers lol. Our youth can last a lifetime if we nurture it, it's only our bodies that grow old and weary. Old age and tired minds lack the joy of all the dull, pointless, and silly moments in life. The fact that we are able to experience what seems to be "pointlessness" is a blessing in itself, for we can turn it into a beautiful memory if we are willing to try. If you are stressing out just remember you have a purpose in life, so take it easy and enjoy the little things this world has got to offer. Goodnight. ♡ Foodforthought Words Of Wisdom... Smell The Roses Enjoy Life Cheesy but So True ♡♡
Along the way. EyeEm Selects; Coral Rose , Close-up; Color Of Desire, Flowers_collection Petals,Neon Life, Garden Flower Smell The Roses Street Photography
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Have a beautiful day... Flowers,Plants & Garden Smell The Roses My Personel Rosegarden Hello World Flower Photography Flowers, Nature And Beauty Flower#garden#nature#ecuador#santodomingoecuador#eyeEmfollowers#iphoneonly#nofiltrer#macro_garden#pretty#beautiful#followme#sho
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The Rose - How colorful this life is! 😍🌷😙 The Rose Smell The Roses Beautiful Nature EyeEm Nature Lover Lifeiscolorful Summer Views Protecting Where We Play Beauty Redefined Colors Of Nature For The Love Of Photography