Can barely wait for my sandwich to cool even a bit. So I did my own Lifehack and used a pair of tongs to hold it. Haha. Pataygutom
????????? ? Pataygutom 7thyrdate
Blanched veggies tossed with butter and herbs + Spicy chicken bbq for dinnerrr...RatedPG Pataygutom ! Foodporn
Kaya palang ubusin yung isang kawaling pancit canton e 😁😋🙊👌👏🍝Tgif Pataygutom Merienda
PG mode on...Pataygutom rawr!
"A little impatient, are we?" ?? Pataygutom
Dear baby bituk, ayaw namu cge pagutom ha aron di ta mubaboy. Hahahahaynakooo. Baboymode Pataygutom Bellyfats Abshaha