Can barely wait for my sandwich to cool even a bit. So I did my own Lifehack and used a pair of tongs to hold it. Haha. Pataygutom
Blanched veggies tossed with butter and herbs + Spicy chicken bbq for dinnerrr...RatedPG Pataygutom ! Foodporn
Kaya palang ubusin yung isang kawaling pancit canton e 😁😋🙊👌👏🍝Tgif Pataygutom Merienda
????????? ? Pataygutom 7thyrdate
PG mode on...Pataygutom rawr!
Dear baby bituk, ayaw namu cge pagutom ha aron di ta mubaboy. Hahahahaynakooo. Baboymode Pataygutom Bellyfats Abshaha
"A little impatient, are we?" ?? Pataygutom