Festival Mall Alabang

She got my attention while im busy here in my table :-)
A Romantic night, the Lights And Shadows complement each other, in this Urban Landscape. Enjoying another Night Photography
I'm constantly drawn to the Symmetry and Urban Geometry that leaves me Captivated and Alive
Windwhisper ๐Ÿ’ž
Best Night Ever <3 :D
Symmetry, Urban Geometry, Interior Design, and of course, Shopping
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A Melancholy vail cover this supposedly gleeful Amusement Park. I stand Alone in such Empty Places
Iced tea? Nah, large americano to keep me awake for several hours :)) Check This Out
The Lines And Curves, the Light And Shadow, that make this an essential in Interior Design and Symmetry
Dining & Pub First Eyeem Photo
Bonding!! Bestfriends <3 Sissy  At The Mall Just Smile
Eye scream
end of photo grid