Cheyenne  Wyoming Rodeo Cowboys Momenttele 'Merica!
A beautiful day to explore the Cascades and try out my new moment lens! Momenttele Makemoments
Makemoments Momenttele Wyoming Stretching My Legs
Taos Pueblo Pueblo Makemoments Momenttele
Pool party for one Enjoying Life I Love My Dog Dogs I Love My Boxer Boxer Dogs Makemoments Moment Lens Momenttele
Makemoments Momenttele Harvest Minimalism
Momenttele Makemoments Harvest Time
Sunset Sunset_collection Hill Panorama Italia EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4photography  Moment Lens Momenttele IPhoneography
IPS2016Nature ShotOniPhone6 Makemoments Momenttele Momentlense Thelongandwindingroad Village Italia Landscapes With WhiteWall
Makemoments Momenttele along Route 66
Getting used to my new Momenttele Makemoments
Tree Rome Sky Blue ShotOniPhone6 Makemoments Moment Lens Momenttele
Gato What Does Peace Look Like To You? Makemoments Momenttele
Mother and son (Gala - Jet) Boxer Dogs Boxers Boxerlove I Love My Boxer Momenttele Make Moments
Glamping Lakeside Bandung Tent Reflection INDONESIA Teagarden Camping Outdoor Shotonmoment Momenttele IPhoneography
I Love My Dog Makemoments Momenttele Black & White
I've become quite disappointed by the @moment_lens for my Nexus 5 😕 The vignette is REALLY strong because of poor made mounting plates which doesn't stick to the phone correctly. Also the quality isn't very well, pictures are blurry and the colors look awful 😥 And I'm not rather writing much about the impossibility to clean the phone's lens because of the mounting plate. It's always heavily covered with dust when I pick it from my pocket. Bad choice to pludge this project... But who could have known... Makemoments Momenttele
Makemoments Momenttele along Route 66
Makemoments Momenttele
Corn Field Makemoments Momenttele
Momenttele Lands End San Francisco Pinecone Moss
Landscape Landscape_photography Landscape_Collection Glamping Ciwidey INDONESIA Outdoor Camping Iphonephotography IPhoneography Momenttele
Makemoments Momenttele along Route 66
Momenttele Perspective Optics Nob Hill Albuquerque New Mexico Route 66
Plants Makemoments Momenttele
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