Малюсенький Лес

WTF Morning?!?
It's Real Winter! :)
Yeah! It's Snow! :)
WTF Morning?!?
Winter! :)
Ice Leaf! :)
Winter Morning! :)
Mr. Snowman
There is a life review, of course, but it was so much more interesting than I had ever imagined. For one thing, they show you how and where your life really happened. Things you didn’t experience or weren’t ever aware of, but which dyed the fabric of your life its final color.
Cooking Time :)
With Happy New Year, Dear Dachshunds! Life Is Goooood & Tasty!!! ;) Best Regards, Mr. Harry!
We Believe In Unicorns! :)
We Used to Dream
Lazy Dachshund Weekend!
Duck In The City ;)