Rowell road

Singapore- Rowell Road SonyEricssonST18i
Rowell Road back alley... Singaporestreetphotography Architecturephotography Snapseed 3XSPUnity Landmark Smartphonephotography IMography Sonyxperiaphotography Conservationbuilding Mobilephotography Alley Walkway
Singapore- Rowell Road SonyEricssonST18i
back alley (in-between Rowell Road and Desker Road)... Singaporestreetphotography Snapseed IMography Conservationbuilding Smartphonephotography 3XSPUnity Sonyxperiaphotography Mobilephotography Alley Landmark
in-between Rowell Road and Desker Road back alley, its an "Red Lantern" area in the old days but now most of it are ceased... Snapseed Alley Landmark Alley Singaporestreetphotography Mobilephotography Landmarke  Smartphonephotography Sonyxperiaphotography Footpath
Singapore- Rowell Road Smartphonephotography Mobilephotography Snapseed
Singapore- Rowell Road SonyEricssonST18i Mobilephotography
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