Lake katherine

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Waterfall at Lake Katherine Waterfall Lake Katherine
Dragonflys remind me of my Grandpa. At the cemetery about to lay my Grandfather to rest when everyone noticed hundreds of dragonflys flying around his casket. According to Indian lore, dragonflys come to the deceased as family members coming to take your loved one to the after life. I then found out from my Mom, that my Grandpa always sent money to indians (charity) because he knew what it was like to have his land taken away from him just like the indians. My Grandpa was Irish. I took this photo a day after he was layed to rest at one of his favorite nature places. Macro Beauty Dragonfly Dragonflyđź’› Dragonflies Dragon Fly Wildlife Bug Bugs Wings Nature Photography Nature On Your Doorstep Nature_perfection Lake Katherine Illinois Naturephotography Nature_collection Naturelover Photographic Memory