#DearEliot, I woke up this morning an hour earlier than usual because you rolled on your back and were wide awake (he's a stomach sleeper btw). You're the sweetest little guy and only cry when you need something and you made it perfectly clear that you needed to be changed. We can't complain, you sleep 10-12 hours a night. (I know, we're truly blessed). Plus, mami got to sleep in while I got to change you, feed you and take in your precious demeanor. We then enjoyed some songs on the sofa and a little play. We then moved into the bed with mami before getting ready for work. Mornings are perfect with you and they start the day off on the right track. Can't wait to do it all over again. -Tu Papi AMPt_community Blackandwhite DearEliot EliotAndres
DearEliot , I can't believe we'll be celebrating your 1st bday in a couple weeks. This year has been filled with many adjustments, but overall is has been filled with the best blessing of all. You. Love you to pieces. -Papi Everyday Joy EliotAndres