Art Drawing Exo_k
Art Drawing Exo_k Kyungsoo Do
Art Drawing Exo_k Watercolor
Art Watercolor Drawing Exo_k
Found this picture on Twitter EXO Exo_k Baekhyun D_o Suho Kai Chanyeol Sehun EXO_M Xiumin Chen Luhan Kris Tao Lay Yehet Brother Mama Wolf Growl MiracleOfDecember HISTORY WhatIsLove XOXO
Happy Birthday to Kyungsoo aka D.O EXO Exo_k SMTown  Mama WOLF GROWL MIRACLEOFDECEMBER BWCW
♥♥♥Handsome guy,is it ok with ur waist?All the fans are particularly worried about you today.We wish you the best of health.EXO Exo_k Chanyeol