ThNkz @aru698 :) ! Fr NOminaTin meh fr Stopdropandselfie .....okaY so i fuRther nOminate :- @mehtaabhilasha , @real_simple2337 , @amysanchez214 @nikharmakkar @arghya_shrivastav , @chandrikasud3 n @rheahld12 , @birdy_me !!!
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Tagged for a Sds by the gorgeous @jacmc7 thanks babe 😘 I'm on my way to my second job and I'm not very happy about that πŸ˜‚ Enjoy your Sunday folks! Please play along and Stopdropandselfie 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 and font forget to follow @_bbbf_ @_bbbf_ @_bbbf_
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Stopdropandselfie tagged by the wonderful @beekvanalex you caught me in wardrobe change about to shower! Filtered up a bit for fun.
Tagged for a Sds by @jokers_hooligan Thanks πŸ™‹ πŸ˜‰ Finally at home after a long shopping day 😊 and now... Time too cook for a very good friend of mine 😍 and partying later then πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ What are you guys up to? Please play along and Stopdropandselfie if been tagged 😚 😚
Stopdropandselfie Gay Gaysian That's Me Hungover Blackandwhite
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Just woke up and went for a P when i read i was tagged by lovely one @perfect.chaos for a Stopdropandselfie :-) <3... Fridaynight Stayingin Chillin selfie sleepy wakeup make selfie lol
So Mr @BarJayJam nominated me a while ago for a Stopdropandselfie coz he knows how much i love to show you all my ugly scottish mug 😜 So here it is... me with my most prized bat-possession, my signed Hush. If you want to do one then i nominate you πŸ‘
@a_fist_full_of_tentacles tagged me for a figure Stopdropandselfie , so here we have Transformers Prowlastator using his Onyxβ„’ Interface datapad to get cheesy and throw up the duece.
Stopdropandselfie in an ugly dress of course! Lol but I do it all for the gorgeous @donmahogany β™‘
It's a stopdropandselfie moment people... Let's be 'avin ya! @legomat @loudtodd @meister_jazz @avengers420 @animateted @thesadlifeofsadclown @x_captain_kaos_x Sdas Stopdropandselfie Letsseeit
Selfie challenge. Thanks, but no thanks @topluuver Tagged people, your turn <3 Stopdropandselfie
Stopdropandselfie in Japan (still) out takin pics and wishin my hair was as bitchin as @rednetwork306 !
Stopdropandselfie Whatsinyourhand Whatareyoudoing Whatsyourreflection topfivesongsyousingaloudto Lots of tags to go around damn! This is from last week, my camera is in my hand, I'm out taking photos and doing the devil's work, this is my reflection across from a church, and finally, in no order, the top 5 songs I always sing out loud: 1. Put the lime in the coconut 2. PYT 3. Sweet Child of Mine 4. Eazy Duz It 5. 5 Years I'm tagging everyone I think of, pick whatever tags you want :)
The lovely @batarangbabe nominated me for a Stopdropandselfie πŸ‘ thanks luv πŸ˜ƒ sorry didn't do it sooner but i was asleeps but here it is. Lovely snowflake/christmas bedding in there too. Now nominate @ms_quiinn @mrstraceym @_doll___baby_
A lil fun with double exposure for a Stopdropandselfie for @sirstrange_ ! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Lol
I was tagged for Stopdropandselfie by @spoonieshannon πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ I just got home from the store after working at the hospital and I am flaring and very fatigued. If you want to do this, go ahead and consider yourself tagged! 😘 I know I used to always see things like this and wish that I would get tagged, so don't feel left out! Get in on it & selfie it up! πŸ’•πŸ˜Š
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Stopdropandselfie getting ready to hit up the pool! tagged by the lovely panda @scanda__liz ? ?
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