"She might not be the prettiest girl or the skinniest one out there ,but she does have the heart of a warrior and her body is the battlefield. She cuts deep so she can plant new seeds hoping they will grow into dreams. Shes planting a bomb by her side, one of these days it will blow up and cry. She might not be perfect, she might have scars along her thighs and razor blades on the side, so when shes lonely and she wants to cry she has her best friend razer by her side. She might need a little help, but to me shes my dream and I want her by my side when I cry." -B.P.I B.P.I Suicide Poetry Depression Suicidal Suicide Depression Kills
"How can someone your love drop you like a penny, because its not worth anything, would you love me if I was a dollar or better yet a Benjamin... its crazy right one day they say your their everything and the next its just a game and your the loser and they are the winner and they have to destroy your heart to win...its funny you said I was your love, but what you didn't know was your my everything, my infinity and my galaxy... One day when you see how much I loved you ill be in a different universe being someones penny on a rainy day" -B.P.I B.P.I Life/love Sucks Not Worth It Poetry
"She wants to run and hide, but her demons are taken over her body as she slides the blade across her neck" -B.P.I♡ B.P.I