Beware of him that is slow to anger, for when it is long coming, it is the stronger when it comes, and the longer kept. Abused patience turns to fury. Instagram_ahmedabad Ig_global_people Commonmanseries Makeportraits
Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child's eye - it is very beautiful. ~Kailash Satyarthi Childreninmyfeed Instagram_ahmedabad
Girafalls Monsoon Instagram_ahmedabad @instagram_ahmedabad India_gram instaphotography @instagram_gujarat instagram_gujarat rain rocks river raging
Man with Mustache _soi _oye Portraitsofindia Portraitmood Instagram_ahmedabad Inspiroindia Indiapictures Portraits_ig
I am staring to this world, where loyalty is so rare..!! -The kid _soi Instagram_ahmedabad Iiframe Inspiroindia The_hatke Blackandwhite Bw_shotz
🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Instagram_ahmedabad Indiapictures Insta_nadiad
At Don Hill Station, Gujarat . Don is a picturesque hill Station perched on the border of Gujarat of Maharashtra . Jumpstagram Igvjumpstagram Instagram_ahmedabad
It is not the beauty of a building you should look at, its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. Instagram_ahmedabad
Lastsunday Wednesday Topontheworld Terrace Instagram_ahmedabad AllBlack Positivevibes PC:- @peterkoyal
I Work And happiness | When people have less needs, They live life happily, and stay healthy. But everyone wants to earn something better than the others. So that they can prove themselves to their family. Two lives you see in this Picture, Both men are Aged. But they work daily for their family. They wake up early in the morning, And work till late in the evening. They look happy with their life, But somewhere inside they are dying. Dying, Because they are still working hard to earn for their families. Working even at this age. They never go to watch movies, Or to celebrate any festivals. For them only one thing matters in life. And that is, To work till they can, To earn that bread till they can, To keep their families happy till they can. Thank you @kaushie for editing caption. Instagram_jamnagar Instagram_ahmedabad Iwalkedthisstreet _soi Ig_india _oye
Siddhpur Series-1 P.S.:- In love with this place Instameetsidhpur Instagram_ahmedabad
| Streets Of Siddhpur | _soi Instameetsidhpur Instagram_ahmedabad
The brightest light, the light of Italy, the purest sky of Scandinavia in the month of June is only a half-light when one compares it to the light of childhood. Even the nights were blue. My first submission to @_theanimelover_ 'S Solitarypixels Tag your pics too😊 Instagram_ahmedabad Iiframe _oye Indiapictures Ig_portraits
“A portrait is not made in the camera button either side of it.” Edward Steichen Commonmanseries Makeportraits Instagram_ahmedabad
Airshow Gujaratday Celebrations Acrobatics  Stunts Instagram_ahmedabad SabarmatiRiverFront Ahmedabad Gujarat India
Clickography Clickographer Photooftheday Picoftheday Instaboy Instaclick Instamood Instafun Instagramer Wu_india Instamoment Phonography  Worldunion Technofreaks Tagforlike Doubletap HTC Android Nikon Thesheth Jainamsheth Instagram_ahmedabad
I go places to places. I see people working and struggling for their life everyday! I might be a hobo but it involves the leisure of knowing people and life! This is exactly what I wanted to have in life! Amen! Caption by @maverickgirl.12 _soi Instagram_ahmedabad _oye Portraitmood
BAPS Gondal Temple Instagram_ahmedabad Surat_igers Ig_Delhi Ig_india Vscocam Vscogrid
Whataa skyline 🌇 Uttarayan2016 Happyuttarayan Instagram_ahmedabad
Happy Photography day ! Instameet13 Clickpicnic2 Instagram_ahmedabad Unescoworldheritage
Siddhpur series-2 Instameetsidhpur Instagram_ahmedabad Iwalkedthisstreet
in our constant endeavor to be as perfect as the natural world, i hope we become braver and better human beings. as the brilliant david attenborough once said, Fly....Fly...To Live... Ahmedabad Gujarataeroshow Acrobatics  Stunts SabarmatiRiverFront Airshow fly Propellerplanes Aircrafts Aeroconclave Instagram_ahmedabad
A Sadhu "you wear clothes. we just cover our bodies in ash." Instagram_ahmedabad _soi _oye Ig_global_people
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A child sits on a dirty floor The wind howls in through the door This is where the child calls home On the street where the child can roam His estate is a dangerous place It homes tens of children, it is a disgrace The kids in school are asking for a new phone The boy asks his parents not to leave him home alone His parent’s with no money can’t cope The boy has given up all hope There is never enough food for them to eat They can’t afford the bill for heat They want to give the child a good life But, poverty leaves them with trouble and strife They hope and pray for the future ahead, Not like many others who end up dead. Instagram_ahmedabad Streetphotography Childreninmyfeed Commonmanseries Everyportraithasastory Vagrantdiaries Portraitmood Solitarypixels
The great poems, Shakespeare's included, are poisonous to the idea of the pride and dignity of thecommon man, the life-blood of democracy Commonmanseries Instagram_ahmedabad Surat_igers Vscocam Vscoindia VSCO Ig_Delhi Ips Indiapictures Dailylifeindia
Elephant Coloured Instagram_ahmedabad Heritage walk indiaincredible
Parth Thakkar Photography Indianbird Coloreffect Instagramsurat Instasurat Surat_igers Surat India Gujrat Surtilala Surtiphotographer Igsurat Ig_worldclub Ig_southindia Ig_india Ig_gujrat Igphotoholics Ig_camera_united Iamphotographer05 Instagram_ahmedabad Indiame Icu_india Lifeinsurat pics_capture photooftheday
We don't realize how important a moment is until it becomes a memory. Girl. 💜 Instagood Instahub Instagram_ahmedabad Igaddict jj jj_forum jj_blackwhite jj_portraits
Aeroconclave Instagram_ahmedabad Vscoindia
Its hard to understand will take more than the years in which you complete your PHD course... 😘😘😘😎😎 Pic Pictureoftheday Photooftheday Shoot Me Free love Instagram Instadaily Instagram_ahmedabad Life Pc- @dhruv_majmudar
The Mughal Empire gave a lot of rich architectural buildings to India and there influence over the Indian architecture is immense. Some of the finest examples include Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s Tomb, Shalimar Gardens and Fatehpur Sikri. Dedicated to @ameyswift's Alonelyphotowalk Instagram_ahmedabad Ig_india Ig_Delhi 1000thingstodoingujarat Ig_gujarat Surat_igers
Lion Gir Forest Jungle Gujarat Safari India Mammalsofindia Kingofthejungle Alpha58 Sony Photography Travel Instagram_ahmedabad
▪ R A I N ◾ Ahmedabad Ahmedabad_instagram Instagram_ahmedabad Desidiaries Uniqueclicks Soi Lumia_creative_studio Lumia730
Thol Ahmedabad Thol Gujarat Instagram_ahmedabad Blackandwhite Abstract Landscape Beautifuldestinations Canonsx50 Canon_photos Lake Nature Indiaclicks Distantplaces
I am deeply involved to take photos and my younger sister took my photo. Thanks sissy My Selfie Clickography Clickographer Photooftheday Picoftheday Instaboy Instaclick Instamood Instafun Instagramer Wu_india Instamoment Phonography  Slr_ka_kamal Worldunion Technofreaks Tagforlike Doubletap HTC Android Nikon Thesheth Jainamsheth Instagram_ahmedabad iga_truestory truestory
These naughty kids would climb up to the Ferry to tease the owner. Then one time, he gets annoyed and run after to beat them. Kids had no other option but to jump into the waters, ...and that's what they did to escape! Jumpstagram Igvjumpstagram Instagram_ahmedabad
Airshow Aeroshow Gujaratday Celebrations Instagram_ahmedabad Gujarat India SabarmatiRiverFront Stunts Acrobatics  Fly
“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.” Igaudaipur Instagram_ahmedabad
//a bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song// Beautyineveryspot Blueinmyframe Sttmh_sat Instagram_ahmedabad
Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf. Mrng igers Instagram_ahmedabad Ig_Delhi VSCO Vscoindia Vscocam Vscovisuals Vscoitaly Surat_igers
Be firki pakad ne yarr Clarendon Uttarayan Patang Sunday Skyline Ahmedabad Instagram_ahmedabad India
Its inescapable for person to go mosque. Praying alone could not be better than accompanying cousins, which makes the prayer more worth. As its said "A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong." Caption by @iga_shikha_it_ Instagram_ahmedabad _soi Makeportraitsmag Portraitmood Surat_igers Ig_global_people Ig_energy_people Commonmanseries Childreninmyfeed
“Life is a bridge: pass over it, but build not houses upon it.”—Old saying. My submission towards @surat_igers's Igs_symmetry @ameyswift'sAlonelyphotowalk Instagram_ahmedabad Surat_igers Ig_Delhi Ips Afadingworld Ahmedabad Indiapictures Vscogrid Vscocam Vscoindia
ताजा खबर Instapur Ki Jail Se Zoheb fir se farar, Govt. Of instagram ne 10,000 ka inam Rakha hai. Igagtutechfest Instagram_ahmedabad Blueinmyframe Huntfortheblue
“We are not limited by our old age we are liberated by it” ~Stu Mittleman Instagram_ahmedabad
Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. Oscar Wilde Instameetsidhpur _soi Instagram_ahmedabad Portraiture Makeportraits Childreninmyfeed Instagram_jamnagar Iga_vadodara Cabochondiaries Avantgardeportraits Echoingportraits
Dedicated to three amazing instagramer's Amazing hashtags @nosugainmycoffee's Blueinmyframe @monisha_camlenss's RedInMyFrame @divsigupta's Thewindowstory Instagram_ahmedabad _soi Ig_Delhi Ig_india Indiaclicks Ips
Bug Clickography Clickographer Photooftheday Picoftheday Instaboy Instaclick Instamood Instafun Instagramer Wu_india Instamoment Phonography  Worldunion Photosquarer Technofreaks Tagforlike Doubletap College Campus Red Black Instagram_ahmedabad Instagram_gujarat Photographer worldunion india asia gujju gujarati
Innocence Staring Instagram_ahmedabad Heritage walk