TBT  to when Kimber from Jemandtheholograms decided to stop living in her sister's shadow and develop her own damn style... *************** Doll Dolls Dollstagram Dollphotogallery DollPhotography Toy Toys Toygroup_alliance Toyartistry Toyphotogallery Toyphotography Toyunion Toyplanet Toys4life Toyslagram Toyrevolution Toycrewbuddies Integritytoys Wclub Jem Kimberbenton Punk punkrock pinup cheesecake fromthevault
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So what's everybody up to on a Saturdaynight . I'm washing & styling Rock 'n Curl Jem doll hair. This girl was a real bad mess when I got her...too much rock and not enough curl. After 12 solid hours of detangling some seriously matted dreadlocks (and finding various things in them), I finally got her hair to set (multi-buns not the final product). Toyrestoration Jemandtheholograms Hasbro 80scartoons 80s 80sTV 80spopculture 80sKid 80stoys Vintagetoys Dolls 80schild Trulyoutrageous Retrotoys Toygang Toycollector Toycrewbuddies Toycollection Toycommunity
My Jemandtheholograms Stickers from 1986 , made by Diamond Publishing. Surprisingly, made in Italy. Trulyoutrageous . 80scartoons 80sshows 80schild 80sKid 80sTV 80stoys Jem Jerrica Kimber TheMisfits Roxy Pizazz Vintagetoys Vintagetoys Hasbro Retro Toygang Toycollector Toycommunity 80sstickers Stickerbook
Indy had a weird dream last night, so no more snacks before bed. Vintagetoys Indianajones Kenner Lfl 80stoys 80smovies Actionfigures Actionfigurephotography Harrisonford Raidersofthelostark Toycrewbuddies Georgelucas Pizzazz TheMisfits Hasbro Jemandtheholograms Templeofdoom Toyphotography Toysaremydrug 80sKid Toypics Toycommunity Toycollector Toycollection G1 vintagedoll lucasfilm stevenspielberg
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I was tagged by @toy_collecting_brothers to take a Shelfie . This is what the corner cabinet looks like at night. I'm still working on the setup, big time! Contents include: Motu , Dinoriders , Mlpg1 , Motuknockoff and Jemandtheholograms . I nominate @laarhoventoys, @pooptroop and @ninja_vanish_og to shelfie it up! I would nominate @jaimetheteleviper, but he tagged me weeks ago to do an audio-something and I haven't yet done so. Boo... 80stoys Vintagetoys Vintagedolls Vintageactionfigures Toycrewbuddies Toycollector 80spopculture Mattycollector Hasbro Tyco Toycollection Princessofpower Mattel Toypics Shera
Jemandtheholograms Homespunhorror
I think this pic explains some stuff, including the shortage of mutatin' Ooze canisters among Tmnt collectors. Trulyoutrageous Pizazz Jem TheMisfits Dolls Jemandtheholograms Vintagedolls Vintagetoys Vintageactionfigures Actionfigurephotography Actionfigures 80scartoons 80stoys 90sToys 80sKid 80spopculture Hasbro VintageTMNT 80schild 80sshows