Green, Gray and Friday! I like my way to the office in autumn. 🍁 Tgif Biketowork Commuting Bikelove 😚 Norwid Norwidgotland Travelbike Reiserad Picoftheday Instamood Biketouring Cycling Ortlieb Autumn Hamburg Fahrradfahren Fahrrad Friday Happyweekend Goodmorning Sport Fitfornix
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Cold way back home ❄ Picoftheday Cycling Fahrrad 😚 Biketouring Fahrradfahren Outdoor Draußen Igers Travel Instatravel Reisen Biketour Christmastour Ortlieb Norwid Rohloff Instamood Instabike Fahrradtour
After more than 2 weeks finally back on bike! How I missed it! Biketowork Bicycle Cycling Biketouring Fahrrad Fahrradfahren Commuting Norwid Rohloff Ortlieb 😚 Fitfornix Sport Goodmorning Picoftheday
What a beautiful start in the Day! Biketowork will be a please today! Bikelove Bicycle Cycling Biketouring Commuting Hamburg Welovehh Goodmorning Fahrrad Fahrradfahren Gutenmorgen Ortlieb Rohloff Norwid
Good Morning Hamburg ! 🌞 That's why i like my daily Biketowork ❀🚲 Commuting Bikelove Fahrrad Bike Biketouring Goodmorning 😚 😍❀️ Sunrise Sky Himmel City Welovehh Instamood Instabike Igers Igerhamburg Nature Sonne 😚 Norwid Ortlieb Rohloff cycling fitfornix sport picoftheday nofilter
Back to bike stuff: bought some new parts for the bike. New Magura brake shoes. My old ones are dead after 3.000 km. Beside the original brake shoes I will test the alternative ones from Extreme/Rose Bikes. In addition some new Ortlieb parts to repair my good old panniers. Biketouring Cycling Panniers Fahrrad Gear Parts 😚 Rosebikes
Stay tuned for my first blog post tomorrow about the Georgia biketouring trip through the high Caucasus . To increase your pleasant anticipation I like to share this beautiful picture from the high mountains of the Caucasus with you. Biketouring Biketour Cycling Nature Naturgram Nofilter Picoftheday Fahrrad Radtour Travel Instatravel Norwid Ortlieb Rohloff Caucasus Caucasusbybike Georgien Kaukasus MTB Velo Berge Mountains Snow
Morning in the mist β˜€πŸ Biketowork Bicycle Cycling Fahrrad Commuting Bikelove Nofilter Picoftheday Instamood Fitfornix Sport Goodmorning Hamburg Fahrradfahren Instabike 😚 Norwid Ortlieb Rohloff Mist Autumn Welovehh Igerhamburg 😍❀️ Nature naturegram landscape nebel gutenmorgen igers
Cycling Autobahn in Tbilisi πŸ˜€ Have no other choice. Bikes were not in the mind when planning these city roads. Biketouring Biketour Caucasusbybike Causcasus Travel Reise Instatravel Ortlieb Georgia Georgien City Fahrrad Adventurebybike
The whole World in just 1 km πŸ˜‚ Good riding on my Biketour to the @faktor3ag Christmasparty πŸ’ͺ Instamood Picoftheday Cycling Fahrrad Fahrradtour Biketouring Fahrradfahren Weltweit 😚 Sport Christmastour Ortlieb Norwid Rohloff Magura Norwidgotland
Sleeping in the wilderness of Georgia . Biketouring Cycling Camping Fahrradtour Fahrrad Caucasusbybike Travel Nature Ortlieb Exped Tent
The beauty! On the last kilometer to Tbilisi airport. What will be my next biketouring country? Caucasusbybike Caucasus Georgia Georgien Reise Instatravel Ortlieb Biketouring Adventurebybike Fahrrad Fahrradtour Travel Reisen Fahrrad Cycling Panniers
Last time Biketowork this year. Nearly 4.500 km in 2015. Next year 5.000 km! πŸ’ͺ Have a nice Christmas time! πŸŽ… Instamood Picoftheday Cycling Fahrrad Fahrradtour Biketouring Commuting Hamburg Fahrradfahren Welovehh Igershamburg Welovehh 😚 Bike2work Bicycle Norwid Rohloff Magura Norwidgotland Ortlieb Sport Fitness Afterwork Biking fitfornix
The price you pay on dirty roads here in Georgia . All is clotted and even with high pressure water no chance. So I will wait untill it's dropped away. πŸ˜‚ Biketouring Cycling Fahrradtour Travel Rohloff Nofilter Roads Dreck Fahrrad Georgien Caucasus Caucasusbybike Reise Instatravel Ortlieb Magura Georgia Kaukasus
Hello Baltic Sea! πŸŽ„πŸ‘ Picoftheday Cycling Fahrrad 😚 Biketouring Fahrradfahren Outdoor Draußen Fahrradtour Travel Instatravel Reisen Biketour Christmastour Ostsee Meer Wasser Sea Ortlieb Norwid