@tmonty73 said this looked like something out of Shadow of the Colossus. I almost cried :') Shadowofthecolossus Sotc Ico Teamico country green field winter february colors wewenttosomecreepyplacesyesterday
What a quote! I actually wrote some lyrics today. Just kinda basking in God today. Not much work to do, just enjoying the time with Him. "One world can't satiate celestial hunger I wanna see the work of the words Of an eternal mouth, The rays I stand under" So thankful for the annointing. Shadowofthecolossus Ico Teamico Inspiration writing lyrics quotes colossus life love faith passion god jesus savior everything friend theonlyreasonihaveanypurposeordirection
Played my favorite game the other day. I only play it every once in a great while to preserve the experience. Shadowofthecolossus Sotc Ico Teamico sony playstation playstation2 daysbefore inspiration colossus giant gaius
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