Tati's Bar and Grill

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THE BIG BRAIN NIGHT. ADVANCE TO NEXT LEVEL Despedida Chill PlainHappiness Peskies Surprise HadFun CoC Wishes Goodluck Laughter
THE Sx TRES MARIAS with Menace, Big Brain, Tiny Artsy, and The Prince Shutterflicks Naughty Mean Nice Awesomenight Videokenatics Rhobirthday
BON VOYAGE Ma'am Love. AdvanceHappyBirthday
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"This is the perfect quote for you (Anisah U. Lingga).. It such a good feeling to be with you.. There's no boring time to talk and laugh with you. Thank you for hanging out with me.. Aahh.. feeling ko napaLimited lang ng time. Ang dami dami ko pang gusto ikwento sayo at share.. okay lang.. I enjoyed the short time and it's all worth spending for.. hehehe. Eating Iwillmissyou Seeyouagain
After the canyon debris of PAN 3D... Gastronomia mode. Friendsforkeeps Peskies Nightoffun FRIENDSHIPGOALS KristinaEpicCatIdeas