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ٰ🚢 Working at : Terminal Operations Control Center .🚢 BandarAbbas Port plays a vital role in serving Iranian and the regional markets with several shipping lines and frequent services connecting the Bandar abbas port to major commercial ports Worldwide .  Bandar abbas Port's Container Terminal Number 2 - Sina is equipped with a total of 800 meters berth and 8 Super Post Panamax Quay Cranes to cater to the ultra large container vessels. Scts .co ٖ ٰ🚢 ٰ 📷 By SadeghRna 📆 Wed, October 21 ٰ ٰ🚢 ٰ Mustseehormozgan Mustseeiran Hormozgan Iran PMO Job ایران_را_باید_دید ایران ماباهمیم بندرعباس اسکله_رجایی سینا هرمزگان ...
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