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☆ Sure sign you're in Jacksonville, Florida ☆ 11 E was built in 1926 and at that time was the tallest building in Jacksonville, Florida. Ig_bshots Igersjax Onlyinduval Sitcjax TrailBlazers_rurex p igaa it_tuesday insta_america nothingisordinary nexus_nation ptk_architecture
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Good to the Last Drop! ♥ We love to drive by the plant when they smell up the city with cofe! ♥ Igersjax Igaa Sitcjax Ilovejax onlyinduval trailblazers_rurex nexus_soldier royalsnappingartists rsa_streetview rous_roadsigns signgeeks signporn pixoddinary picture_to_keep bipolaroid_asylum rsa_ladies urbex_lady insta_america
HUGE THANK YOUS to @trailblazers_rurex for featuring my photo today! It's the one with the kitty of course. Check out their galleries and their talented artists. - - I'm a happy camper to be recognized this way! Igersjax Ilovejax Onlyinduval Sitcjax trailblazers_rurex trb_doorsofperception
Bridges of Duval County ◆★◆ Matthews Bridge fro MLK Hwy ◆★◆ Hart Bridge from the Matthews Bridge ◆★◆ Bridgesofduvalcounty Igersjax Sitcjax Onlyindduval icu_usa trailblazers_rurex patina_perfection picture_to_keep panacea4panache royalsnappingartists rsa_streetview nothingisordinary nexus_nation rurex_lady splendid_editz shutterbug_collective bipolaroid_asylum igaa icu_usa rustlord_communitythrive folioweekly heyfred_lookatthis
I can't tell you how much this feature mean to me. This is my husband Charlie. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000. He and I both have had several different kinds of skin cancers. We are both huge supporters of Beaches Cancer Support Group here in Jacksonville Beach Florida. We are all members of Team In And Outs for Relay for Life every year to raise cancer awareness and money for any type of cancer research through the American Cancer Society. Thank you again for the feature and this opportunity to spread the word just a little bit more about cancer awareness. Igersjax Rsa_preciousjunk Sitcjax Onlyinduval ilovejax cancerawareness livingwithcancer